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November 2019

How to use Kyvos Tableau Custom Connector for Instant Analytics

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Kyvos supercharges Tableau to deliver lightning-fast performance on modern data platforms at an unprecedented scale. Our patented OLAP technology provides fast and interactive query responses on massive amounts of data. By creating a BI acceleration layer directly on the cloud and on-premise data lakes, Kyvos allows users to analyze trillions of rows on their Tableau dashboards with sub-second response times.
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Tableau releases new Purpose-Built Kyvos Connector: Superpowering Tableau for Trillions of Rows

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Tableau releases new Purpose-Built Kyvos Connector: Supercharging Tableau for Trillions of Rows
We are happy to announce that Tableau Software released a new custom Kyvos connector with its latest version, Tableau 2019.4. This is a big step in our partnership to deliver instant insights on a massive scale. The new connector will strengthen the integration between the two platforms, making it easier for Tableau users to find, connect to, and analyze massive volumes of data on the cloud and on-premise data lakes.
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Smarter Analytics with Advanced Data Profiling and Query Analysis

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Designing an optimized, high-performant OLAP cube on complex data is not an art anymore. Kyvos helps you understand your data and query patterns before the cube is built and create designs that deliver the performance that you need. In this post, we will discuss how Kyvos enables smarter analytics on massive data on the cloud and on-premise data lakes through its data profiling and query analysis features.
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