Achieving big results with BI at massive scale

Kyvos is the world’s most powerful BI acceleration platform that delivers instant insights at petabyte scale, both on the cloud and on-premise data lakes. In this eBook, you will get some real-life examples of how global organizations are using Kyvos to accelerate BI on their data and how the solution has transformed the way they run their business.

  • CCAR & Risk Management: Leading Global Investment Bank enhances CCAR compliance with Instant BI on 500 Billion Transactions
  • Viewer Analytics: Global Telecommunications Company Analyzes 168 Billion Subscriber Interactions to Deliver Personalized Content
  • Customer 360: Leading software company combines interactions across channels to deliver superior experiences to its 230 million customers
  • Supply Chain Management: Leading pharmacy store chain transforms SCM with instant insights on 284 billion records

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