Are You Set up for Business Intelligence (BI) Success?

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Times have changed. Are you still set up for BI success with your current tools, people and processes? Collecting data is one thing, but can your business analysts still get value from all the data your enterprise is generating? If not, how do you evolve your BI for greater success?

BI needs to be set up for success right from the start. The Forrester Research report, “Maximize Your Chances of Business Intelligence Success in a Customer-Centric World ,” offers tips for BI success. We also believe that it echoes some of our own recommendations on what you should consider as you embark down the modern business intelligence path, including:

Business Goals

Ask yourself about the business goals and objectives for the data. It’s easy to get caught up in the process and lose sight of the purpose. If we are collecting the wrong data, or organizing it in a way that doesn’t support the end goal, the results are going to be disappointing or useless.


In business, change is a constant. Your BI system needs to be able to adapt quickly to a changing business environment. Factoring that in up front will help you be ready to respond to a shift in tactics.

Data Quality

Data is the foundation of business intelligence. Never has the term “garbage in, garbage out” been quite as fitting as when talking about the data being imported into a BI system. Make sure you have strict guidelines in place to ensure data is accurate, clean and consistent.


Ease of use is paramount to BI success. If business analysts have to rely on IT to pull reports, the entire process slows down. And that is compounded when the analyst needs to learn a new tool and break away from their familiar analysis environment. Self-service should minimize any learning curve and streamline the process, allowing analysts to spend more time analyzing the data.

Need more tips on how to set yourself up for BI success? Download a complimentary copy of the Forrester Research report which shares best practices for implementing a successful BI strategy and helps you avoid common pitfalls to maximize the success of your BI initiative.

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