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February 2019

Kyvos session at MicroStrategy World 2019 showcases how it delivers fastest BI on Big Data

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Big Data Visualization
We participated in MicroStrategy World 2019 held last week at Phoenix, AZ. The conference was a great experience as we could showcase our expertise in delivering the fastest insights on Big Data for MicroStrategy users. Besides this, we collaborated with MicroStrategy experts, developers, and users to find pathways to strengthen our partnership with MicroStrategy.
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How Kyvos can help solve the Distinct Count problem for Retail Businesses

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Retail industry businesses, especially the ones involved in online and other non-store sales, are experiencing significant growth. According to the National Retail Federation, they are expected to grow between 10 to 12% every year. Given this expected growth, the industry will continue to evolve, and retailers will face various challenges mainly due to
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