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Announcing Kyvos Version 5: World’s fastest BI on Big Data platform that is revolutionizing Cloud analytics with Elastic OLAP

By November 15, 2018July 21st, 2021Uncategorized

Announcing Kyvos Version 5: World’s fastest BI on Big Data platform that is revolutionizing Cloud analytics with Elastic OLAP

Today we are excited to launch Kyvos Version 5. Our latest release is a next-generation BI on Big Data platform that revolutionizes analytics in the cloud or on-premise Big Data platforms through its Smart OLAP technology. Curated for enterprises who need to examine their Big Data deeply and leverage it to build competitive advantage, Kyvos 5 will enable enterprises to conduct smarter, faster and more cost-effective analytics on their Big Data platforms.

“We’re thrilled to launch this new release” said Ajay Anand, Vice President – Products and Marketing. “Kyvos 5 is not just about new features or enhancements. It is a whole new platform that will help you use your Big Data to solve your business problems in much faster and better ways. Based upon the experience gained from our customers and anticipating the future needs of the industry, our development teams have been working relentlessly over the last one year to bring out this new release that will truly revolutionize Big Data analytics. Kyvos 5 has been redesigned keeping the business users in mind and rebuilt to provide them insights faster than ever before.”

“Kyvos 5 brings in next-generation OLAP technology designed specifically for Big Data platforms and Cloud, enabling users to get instant access to massive data across their organization”, said Ankit Khandelwal, Senior Director of Engineering. “They will be able to build smarter cubes that are optimized for the data they hold and deliver the best possible performance. Our new elasticity features will help in reducing costs, especially in cloud environments. Further, business users will now have more ways to share their insights with others, enabling faster decisions.”

Kyvos 5 is the next major step in fulfilling the company’s mission of transforming businesses and impacting lives by revolutionizing analytics.

Some of the key features of the new release include:

    • Elastic deployments with native cloud support: Kyvos 5 offers full elasticity allowing you to scale up quickly to meet your business requirements and scale down during slack periods to reduce costs. Native cloud support enables you to move your business intelligence processing to the cloud with ease.
    • Next generation OLAP for instant analytics: Complete OLAP solution that delivers unmatched performance on Big Data. The solution has MOLAP, ROLAP, and HOLAP capabilities that enable instant access to all data across the organization.
    • Advanced Data Profiling: Enables smarter analytics through optimized cube designs and provides the capability to understand data before it is processed to build cubes.
    • Segmentation Feature: Helps to focus on critical success factors by allowing you to prioritize analytics for functions and users that are more important for business success.
    • Improved Performance: Sub-second response times on trillions of data points powered by several technological enhancements and advanced features.
    • Extensive Visualization and Collaboration features: Comprehensive platform with exhaustive visualization features and several options to share insights and collaborate across teams.

And there are more!

To get details about Kvvos 5 and its new features, visit here.

Want to see Kyvos 5.0 in action? Watch our webinar.

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About Kyvos

Kyvos Insights is the world’s fastest BI on Big Data platform that delivers instant insights on data in the cloud or on-premise Big Data platforms. Backed by years of analytics expertise and a passion for Big Data, the company aims to revolutionize analytics by providing business users with the ability to visualize, explore, and analyze their Big Data interactively with sub-second response times. Headquartered in Los Gatos, California, Kyvos Insights was formed by a team of veterans from Yahoo!, Impetus and Intellicus Technologies. The company is partnered with industry leaders in BI, Cloud, and Hadoop technologies.

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