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AWS re:Invent 2018: Join us to learn how you can build a high-performing cloud business intelligence platform

By November 14, 2018July 21st, 2021Uncategorized

Learn how you can build a high-performing Big Data analytics cloud platform

Planning to be at the upcoming AWS re:Invent conference? Meet us at booth 116 to learn how you can build your cloud business intelligence platform that delivers instant insights on trillions of rows of data.

AWS re:Invent is the world’s largest global cloud computing conference hosted by Amazon Web Services where thousands of developers, engineers, system administrators, systems architects, and technical decision-makers get together to learn and share the latest in cloud computing. The upcoming AWS re:Invent, from November 26–30 in Las Vegas, will feature several keynote announcements, training and certification opportunities, technical sessions, partner expos, and much more.

We, at Kyvos Insights, are excited to exhibit our disruptive BI acceleration platform at the conference this year. If you are interested in learning how new technologies are transforming BI on the cloud, you must visit us at booth 116 to see how our Smart OLAP technology delivers the fastest BI on the cloud.

Whether you want to improve your existing cloud architecture or are still planning your migration, our technology can help you design a high-performing, scalable, cost-effective BI platform that delivers instant insights on massive data on the cloud.

Breakthrough technology to speed up BI on the Cloud

Moving to the cloud can solve your business problems if and only if you can deploy analytics on it in a fast, self-service, and interactive way. Therefore, it becomes imperative to build a robust BI platform that can fulfill all your present and future business requirements.

Kyvos uses its revolutionary OLAP technology to enable superfast BI on massive data on the cloud. The platform is unique in the way it implements OLAP on the cloud to pre-aggregate data into multidimensional cubes, enabling ad-hoc analysis of massive data on the cloud with interactive response times and no data movement. The OLAP cubes are created and stored using the compute and store capacity of the cloud, leveraging the flexibility of the cloud environment and allowing you to scale up and down as per your requirements.

As the data is stored in a ready-to-use form, users can ask any question from their data and get their answers in seconds. They can slice and dice, roll up and drill down, delve deep into any data, and pull out any report using their favorite BI tools. This helps in building a cost-effective BI platform that delivers high-performance on the cloud, on almost any size or type of workload.

Kyvos also supports elastic deployments, which means that Kyvos engines can be increased to deal with increased loads, and decreased during off-peak hours. This makes the analytics highly flexible and cost-effective, which is critical on the cloud.

Simplified Implementation, Substantial Results

Though most technologies in this space claim to be fast, Kyvos’ BI acceleration platform delivers unmatched performance on trillions of rows of data, providing sub-second response times. Its high performance and unmatched scalability can help you leverage all your data to achieve substantial business results. If you want to see Kyvos in action, you can schedule a meeting with our experts at the conference.

Kyvos follows a layered architectural approach that is quite easy to implement. It fits in your existing environment without any disruption to your existing data, security, and analytical setups. The users are not affected as they can continue to use their existing BI tools to access huge volumes of data stored on the cloud, at interactive speeds. This helps them perform self-service, interactive analysis on cloud workloads using any business intelligence tool.

Let’s connect at AWS re:Invent

If you want to know more about how Kyvos can help you speed up analytics on the cloud, visit our booth 116 to meet our technology experts.

See you at the booth!

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You can also download our solution brief to get more information about our innovative technology that is revolutionizing BI on the cloud.

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