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How Kyvos 2.0 makes big data lakes ready for BI analysts

By June 27, 2016April 16th, 2021Uncategorized


The promise of big data is huge and transformative. But to date, big data has under delivered.

The problem is that a company’s current ability to capture data far exceeds its ability to actually use it to make smarter, more powerful business decisions.

So even as companies proliferate big data lakes using platforms like Hadoop, only a few data scientists and technical specialists can access all that valuable information to generate insights. We’re here to change that.

We’re here to change that.

Announcing Kyvos 2.0

We recently announced the general availability of the next major release of Kyvos. (You can read the full press release here.)

The big advance we’ve made is the Kyvos BI Consumption Layer, which makes big data lakes ready for BI analysts through easy integration with Excel, Tableau, and other major BI tools and highly secure with fine grained access control and strong authentication.

In other words, BI analysts can now get sub-second response times for multidimensional analytics on TBs of data, with no need to learn a new tool. No coding is required either — drag-and-drop cube building is another part of what makes Kyvos easy to use..

For both BI analysts and the technical teams that have to respond to their requests, this is a big step forward in the world of self-service BI on Hadoop.

In order to achieve this new approach, Kyvos 2.0 incorporates enterprise-grade functionality such as advanced security support, improved performance and scalability, and integration with additional BI tools.

Here are just a few the highlights:

  • Security — Granular down to the row and column level through the use of access controls, including support for strong authentication and single sign-on
  • Performance and scalability — Query times are on average 100 times faster than native SQL queries on Hadoop, according to performance testing with Star Schema Benchmark data
  • Zero footprint installation on Hadoop — Convenient, accessible compliance with any Hadoop infrastructure, no changes required.
  • Enhanced integration with cloud service providers — Expanded support for Amazon Web Services with Simple Storage Service (S3) for highly-scalable, reliable and low-latency data storage infrastructure. (Kyvos is also available on Microsoft Azure HDInsight.)
  • Full integration to major BI tools — SAP BusinessObjects, IBM Cognos, Microsoft Excel, Microstrategy, Tableau and TIBCO Spotfire.
  • Custom visualization framework – Visualize data using custom graphics specific to your industry and business needs.

As you can imagine, we are excited about how Kyvos is making big data lakes easy to use. Keep watching this blog, or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn to get all the latest insights from our experts.

Meet us at Hadoop Summit

Want to hear for yourself about how our native OLAP on Hadoop solution gives business users instant access to powerful insights? We will be demonstrating Kyvos 2.0 capabilities at the Hadoop Summit, June 28-30 in San Jose, California.

Learn more:
Download the Kyvos datasheet to read all the details.

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