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We, at Kyvos, remain committed to solving human problems through the power of analytics and are proud to announce our most recent release Kyvos 2020.2, which empowers you to leverage the power of its Smart OLAP™ technology for instant insights on the cloud.

With advanced cloud support, and enhanced security and data modeling capabilities, this release helps you perform multidimensional analysis for all your business problems. The new version is available on AWS, Azure, and GCP marketplaces as well.

What’s more – you can now connect Kyvos to your Snowflake data warehouse too!

Let us take a look at what is new in this release.

Quick Provisioning with Granular Usage Information for Enhanced Support on Cloud Platforms

Kyvos 2020.2 comes with enhanced support for cloud platforms. Quick provisioning through image-based deployments enables you to get started quickly.

Further, the granular cloud usage and billing information available on the Kyvos user interface helps you keep a tab on your usage and the costs associated with it. You can also see detailed information on usage patterns and plan your scaling schedules accordingly for optimal resource utilization.

Support for Snowflake Cloud Data Warehouse

You can now connect Kyvos to your Snowflake data warehouse for interactive analysis through Kyvos visualization, or any BI tool of your choice, using SQL or MDX connectivity. With Kyvos, you can now do complex, multidimensional analytics on trillions of rows of data in at interactive speeds while reducing Snowflake costs.

Kubernetes-based Deployments for Elastic BI on the Cloud

Kyvos 2020.2 takes full advantage of the cloud’s native flexibility and provides support for elasticity via Kubernetes-based deployment. The earlier versions of Kyvos supported elasticity for cube building, and this version extends it to query. You can schedule scaling of the query engines based on your query patterns and user concurrency needs, and manage your cloud resources better.

ML Powered Recommendation Engine for Smart Aggregation and Replication Strategies

This release comes with built-in ML-powered smart recommendations for aggregation and cuboid replication strategies to help you build optimized cubes.

The machine learning algorithms implemented in the Recommendations Engine analyze the query patterns to identify and recommend an optimal set of aggregates for designing the cubes. Using these recommendations, you can reduce the cube size as well as improve the query performance.

Additionally, the Smart Replication feature allows you to optimally utilize disk and memory-based cache based on usage patterns.

Massively Scalable Accurate Distinct Count

The Kyvos 2020.2 release brings an enhanced accurate distinct count solution with a boundary-based approach that requires minimal aggregations at run time. This enables customers to get accurate distinct counts on billions of transactions with no upper limit and instant response times.

Enhanced OLAP with Support for Alternate and Recursive Hierarchies and Custom Rollups

Using the interactive cube designer, you can quickly create cubes with custom rollups and alternate and recursive hierarchies. You can also merge two or more dimensions related to the same or different dataset into a single dimension to optimize your cube design.

With Kyvos, you can work with hierarchical data as opposed to the flat structure of SQL. You can easily handle parent-child relations and complex data models. It also supports additive and semi-additive functions and supports multi-fact, star, snowflake, and other schema designs.

Fine-grained Secure Access Through Multiple LDAP Accounts and TLS Encryption

You can now configure multiple LDAP accounts to import users from multiple servers. Custom roles for users enable fine-grained access control. Support for TLS encryption for all internal communications and end-to-end encryption for authentication information makes data more secure. With a built-in security model and existing support for row and column level security, Kyvos ensures that users only see what they are authorized to see.

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With these features and more, the latest release will further enhance your ability to perform multidimensional analytics in the cloud, paving the way for an agile and smart business. With reports and insights available instantaneously, you can make better and faster decisions to plan for the changing business landscapes. To learn more about the new features and understand how they can help you, schedule a demo now.

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