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We are pleased to launch Kyvos Cloud, our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering, for rapid deployment of BI Acceleration on the cloud. With Kyvos Cloud, enterprises can invest more time in making insightful decisions while we take care of maintenance, performance SLAs, optimizations, overheads, and more. Once Kyvos Cloud cluster is provisioned, you can get started within a very short span of time. All you need to do is connect to your data, do the aggregations and start your analysis.

Kyvos Cloud comes as the next step in our endeavor to make cloud analytics easily accessible and cost-effective. Kyvos supercharges your existing BI tools to analyze massive amounts of data and present business users and BI analysts with game-changing insights faster than ever.

Why Kyvos Cloud

Today, enterprises have to choose between speed and scale while visualizing and consuming their data. Kyvos Cloud removes this compromise and helps enterprises query large amounts of data and still get responses in sub-seconds. “By launching Kyvos Cloud, we want to convey to thousands of businesses across the globe struggling with BI performance and scaling issues that you don’t have to compromise anymore,” said Brahmajeet Desai, Director – Marketing & Sales at Kyvos Insights.

Kyvos Cloud comes with a complete set of core product features, including –

  • Cloud-native Smart OLAP™ technology
  • Unmatched interactivity with sub-second responses on billions of rows
  • Advanced data modeling capabilities
  • ML-powered Smart Recommendation Engine for designing optimized OLAP models
  • Wizard-based workflow to create your data models quickly
  • Enhanced enterprise-grade security

Designed for the Cloud; Built for you

  • Kyvos Cloud is currently available on AWS
  • Focus on building cubes, we will manage your clusters and resources
  • No limitations on the size or complexity of data
  • Query limitlessly without exploding costs
  • Connect to any BI tool via SQL or MDX connectivity
  • Manage varying workloads with autoscaling
  • On-demand professional services

A hassle-free environment with SaaS

Being a SaaS offering, Kyvos Cloud lets you focus on instant business insights while we take care of the deployment and maintenance overheads. You can re-calibrate your environment at any time based on your growing or changing needs. The current release is available on AWS. For those who are new to the platform, Kyvos Cloud offers Quick Data Modeling feature specially created for users who do not have much experience with the Kyvos UI. It will help you understand what you need and assist you in building Kyvos cubes accordingly. Kyvos Cloud enables you to connect your data securely to the analysis pipeline without any programming.

If you want to explore what you can do with your cloud data, sign up for Kyvos Cloud now. Whether you have billions of transactions or trillions of data points, you can use Kyvos Cloud to discover game-changing insights for your business.

Sign up for Kyvos Cloud now.

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