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With its latest release, Kyvos brings in support for the Snowflake cloud data platform, enabling instant self-service analytics on your cloud data warehouse. You can now build OLAP cubes on your Snowflake data and perform complex multi-dimensional analytics interactively, using your existing BI tools such as Excel, Tableau, MicroStrategy, and more.

In this blog, we will discuss how Snowflake, when combined with Kyvos, enables multidimensional analytics at an unprecedented speed and scale.

We will also explain how you can quickly connect your Snowflake data warehouse to Kyvos, in just a few clicks.

Kyvos + Snowflake: OLAP on Big Data in the Cloud

As the world is moving towards the cloud, data warehouses are no exception. Many organizations are now adopting the Snowflake data warehouse in the cloud for their enterprise data.

Using Kyvos with Snowflake, you can leverage the power of OLAP for multidimensional analytics. Kyvos lets you build OLAP cubes on top of your Snowflake data warehouse, which you can then connect to any BI or ML tool for visualization.

Some of the key benefits of using Kyvos with your Snowflake data warehouse are:

  • SQL and MDX connectivity for interactive analysis: When integrated with Kyvos, you can interactively analyze your Snowflake Data in any BI tool of your choice using SQL or MDX connectivity, you can create live connections with tools like MS Excel, Tableau or MicroStrategy, for real-time analysis.
  • Accelerating time to insights: Kyvos’ intuitive user interface lets you quickly design cubes for complex calculations and sophisticated data modeling. The ML-powered recommendations engine analyzes query patterns and provides intelligent strategies for Snowflake cost optimization.
  • Self-service semantic layer: Kyvos lets you define all your metadata and business logic in one place, creating a unified view of all your data. This enables business teams across your enterprise to access the same source of truth with full confidence in its integrity, using any BI or ML tool of choice.
  • Seamless integration with Snowflake authentication: In addition to its built-in security framework, Kyvos integrates seamlessly with the Snowflake authentication services. Snowflake encrypts data at rest and in transit, which satisfies the most stringent data governance and data access policies.

Creating a Connection for Snowflake Data Warehouse

To start creating OLAP cubes on Snowflake, you need to create a data connection between Kyvos and Snowflake. You can create the connection quickly from the Kyvos user interface.

For this, perform the following steps.

1. From the Toolbox, click Setup, then Connections.
2. From the Actions menu ( ⋮ ) click Add Connection.
3. Enter a Name for your connection.
4. From the Category list, select the Warehouse option.
5. From the Provider list, select the Snowflake option.
6. Enter details as:

  • Server: Account server URL provided by Snowflake.
    For example:
  • Account: Full name of your account (provided by Snowflake). Note that your full account name might include additional segments that identify the region and cloud platform where your account is hosted.
  • Warehouse: Name of the virtual warehouse (for reading data) to use once connected to the Snowflake server.
  • Staging Database: Name of the default staging database provided with your Snowflake account.
  • Role: Access control role to use for the Snowflake session.
  • Authentication Type: Authenticator to use for verifying user login credentials.
    • Snowflake: Select this option to use the internal Snowflake authenticator. Enter your credentials in the Username and Password fields.
    • OAuth: Select this option to authenticate using OAuth. You will need to provide the Token parameter to specify the OAuth token.
  • URL: URL to access the Snowflake server.
    For example: jdbc:snowflake://

Creating a Connection for Snowflake Data Warehouse

Figure 1. Sample Snowflake Connection

You can now register files to identify the data that you want to analyze, create data relationships to define schemas, and build cubes for interactive analysis on your data.


Kyvos empowers you to transform your tabular data models on Snowflake to multidimensional cubes in the cloud. Using Kyvos, you can build OLAP cubes on top of your Snowflake data warehouse and store them on the cloud itself. You can then visualize your data in any BI tool or data science application of your choice using SQL or MDX connectivity. Kyvos lets you run reports on Snowflake and create interactive dashboards too!

To see Kyvos in action on Snowflake, request a demo now Read More.

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