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With TC20 literally round the corner, we are excited to be a Platinum Sponsor at the event this year. Like every other conference this year, TC20 is an entirely virtual event, scheduled from 6th to 9th October, which means that we can expect a much wider and more global audience. Tableau is using the “follow the sun” concept for the conference and so will we. Our teams are equipped to meet data enthusiasts across all three regions – the US, Europe, and APAC.

We will be showcasing our game-changing BI Acceleration platform at the conference, and we invite you to stop by our virtual booth to see what we can do to accelerate your Tableau performance.

You can walk into our booth or schedule a meeting now with our team of experts who will be happy to connect with you during a time zone that works for you.

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Smart OLAP™ Technology for Smart Enterprises


Our Smart OLAP™ technology enables you to do multidimensional analytics on all your data, without worrying about extracts or compromising aesthetics. You can drill up, down, and sideways to get a 360-view of your domain, all within seconds.


Our semantic layer is a great leveler. It will present data to you in a way that you easily understand. And once you understand it, then you can create magic with it.


Focus on the result and not the ingredients. Kyvos will take care of the size, complexity, and granularity of your data. You do what you do best – analysis. With our named connector for Tableau, you can connect to your data in just a few clicks.

With Kyvos, you can:

  • Connect Tableau directly to the cloud or on-premise data platforms
  • Analyze trillions of rows of data at interactive speeds
  • Get sub-second responses for both warm and cold queries
  • Build sophisticated data models without compromising on performance
  • Eliminate extracts or the need to move data out of your data platform

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Till we meet

Together Kyvos and Tableau enable enterprises across the globe to achieve interactive ad-hoc analysis on data at a massive scale. Here are some use cases that you may find interesting:

  • Walgreens’ 10000+ vendors and partners use Tableau dashboards on Kyvos to make timely and critical decisions transforming SCM efficiency and saving costs. Watch Video
  • Barclays leverages Tableau on Kyvos to analyze 100s of billions of risk points across multiple assets spread over years of data. Watch Video
  • Adobe knows what their 230 million customers love, want, and expect, thanks to Customer 360 with Tableau on Kyvos. Watch Video

If you want to see how Kyvos can help you achieve instant response times with Tableau, join us at the conference this year.

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