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Kyvos session at MicroStrategy World 2019 showcases how it delivers fastest BI on Big Data

By February 15, 2019July 21st, 2021Uncategorized

Big Data Visualization
We participated in MicroStrategy World 2019 held last week in Phoenix, AZ. The conference was a great experience as we could showcase our expertise in delivering the fastest insights on Big Data for MicroStrategy users. Besides this, we collaborated with MicroStrategy experts, developers, and users to find pathways to strengthen our partnership with MicroStrategy.

During the conference, we hosted a session entitled “Kyvos – Making MicroStrategy perform on Big Data”, where Ajay Anand, our vice president of products and marketing, demonstrated how several large enterprises revolutionized analytics using the combined power of MicroStrategy’s powerful visualizations and Kyvos’ capability to deliver high performance and unlimited scalability on Big Data. He was joined by Fei Zhao and Ryan Lehman, from Bell Canada, who spoke about how Kyvos helps them scale their BI and deliver faster time to insights for 10K+ employees. At another session during the event, Anthony Maresco from MicroStrategy discussed how Kyvos helps in achieving the speed of thought Big Data Analytics by making Big Data work for MicroStrategy.

How Kyvos helps MicroStrategy users?

Kyvos is a BI on Big Data platform that enables MicroStrategy users to access, explore, and visualize massive volumes of data with instant response times. Our innovative OLAP on Big Data technology helps enterprises build a BI consumption layer between MicroStrategy and the Big Data platform. This layer removes all latency issues and enables instant access to billions of rows of data from the MicroStrategy interface. The key advantage is that it is transparent to end-users and helps them analyze Big Data with the same interactive speed they enjoyed earlier when datasets were smaller.

Why MicroStrategy developers like Kyvos?

Kyvos integrates seamlessly with MicroStrategy, follows the same best practices, and complies with all the security mandates. It leverages the Big Data platform to build and store multi-dimensional cubes. This eliminates the memory and resource overload issues in MicroStrategy due to in-memory OLAP and helps in reducing costs. Since the cubes are stored on the Big Data platform, they are not limited by the size of the memory and allow users to query their Big Data without any limitations. Kyvos cubes need the same information as MicroStrategy, making it easy for MicroStrategy developers to replicate existing pipelines in Kyvos. Besides this, Kyvos cubes can accommodate a much larger number of dimensions and metrics, enabling more in-depth analysis of Big Data.

More Information

If you were unable to attend MicroStrategy World 2019 but want to see how Kyvos improves the performance of MicroStrategy on Big Data, send a request now, and we will arrange a custom demo for you.


You can also download our solution brief to get more information on how Kyvos works with MicroStrategy to enable instant, multi-dimensional analytics on Big Data.


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