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Kyvos unveils its new Big Data Analytics Platform built specifically for the Cloud at AWS re:Invent

By December 5, 2018July 21st, 2021Uncategorized

Kyvos unveils its new Big Data Analytics Platform built specifically for the Cloud at AWS re:Invent

As the cloud community gathered for AWS re:Invent at Las Vegas this year to witness innovations in cloud computing, Kyvos showcased its all-new Big Data Analytics platform that revolutionizes analytics in the cloud with its next-generation Smart OLAP technology.

Big Data Analytics in Cloud with Performance, Scalability, and Elasticity

With the launch of new services such as AWS Lake Formation, AWS Control Tower, and AWS Security Hub, creating a secure data lake in the cloud gets simpler and faster. But, what happens after you have consolidated all your data in the cloud?

Obviously, you want to leverage your data lakes to improve your business and power your decisions. For this, you need to ensure that users across your organization can access Big Data, instantly and interactively. This may sound simple as most high-end analytical tools available today offer cloud compatible versions. However, as the size of data increases, most analytical tools fail to meet the user’s expectations. They either fail on response times, or they start consuming too many cloud resources.

Therefore, what you need is an analytical platform that can deliver results in the cloud on data at scale. Since most organizations move their Big Data workloads to the cloud to take advantage of its elasticity, scalability, and ability to offer anytime, anywhere access to data, your analytical environment also needs to be fast and scalable, as well as highly elastic.

The latest version of the Kyvos Big Data Analytics Platform, designed for the cloud, helps you analyze your Big Data in the cloud with high elasticity and unmatched performance. The platform is unique in the way it uses Smart OLAP technology to enable Big Data Analytics in the cloud with sub-second response times while ensuring cost-effectiveness. It leverages the elastic nature of the cloud to scale analytic resources up and down depending upon the demand. This helps in controlling costs and ensuring optimal utilization of cloud resources for analytics while delivering exceptionally high performance.

To understand the technology that Kyvos uses to achieve elasticity in the cloud, you can check out Kyvos Version 5 released recently.

Redefining Interactivity

The new platform redefines Big Data Analytics in the cloud as it allows users to query trillions of rows of data and get the response in sub-seconds. It enables them to ask any questions they like and get immediate answers. Users can explore their data interactively and delve into the most granular details to understand the real issues. And, all of this can be done using any BI tool or application – whether it is a cloud service or a desktop application. The ability to analyze huge volumes of data in the cloud instantly not only improves decision-making but also helps users use it for their day-to-day decisions.

If you want to learn how you can use Kyvos to build a high-performing Big Data Analytics Platform in the cloud, request a demo now.

Upgrade your Big Data Analytics Platform

Whether you have already moved your data to the cloud or are still working on it, Kyvos can help you achieve high performance on Big Data in the cloud. It will fit in your existing environment without any disruption to your analytical setup. You can use your existing BI tools, be it Excel, Tableau, Qlik, MicroStrategy, or a custom BI tool, and make them work on your cloud data.

Kyvos forms a BI consumption layer in the cloud to improve the performance of your Big Data Analytics platform. This layer pre-processes your data so that users can access huge volumes of data at interactive speeds. Since it uses the store and compute capacity of the cloud, you can scale up your analytics platform limitlessly. And, you can also scale down, as needed, to reduce your costs. The Kyvos Big Data Analytics Platform honors the security model of your cloud environment and integrates with your enterprise authorization and identity management systems for a seamless experience.

To get more details on how Kyvos is revolutionizing Big Data Analytics in the cloud, you can download our solution brief.

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