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MicroStrategy World 2019: Join us to learn how Kyvos makes MicroStrategy perform on Big Data

By January 30, 2019July 21st, 2021Uncategorized

Big Data Visualization
MicroStrategy World 2019, one of the most anticipated analytics and mobility event for MicroStrategy users, partners, and analytics experts, is about to begin in Phoenix from February 4 this year. We, at Kyvos Insights, are excited to exhibit at the event where thousands of business users and technology experts from around the world will gather to share knowledge, ideas, and success stories.

Helping MicroStrategy users unleash the potential of Big Data

MicroStrategy offers powerful data analytics and visualization features that help business users make data-driven decisions. However, users face performance issues while accessing large amounts of data. As the size of data increases, querying becomes resource-intensive and response times increase phenomenally. This leads to resource overload on the Big Data cluster and results in inconsistent response times on BI queries.

Kyvos solves this problem for MicroStrategy users by building an Enterprise BI consumption layer on the Big Data platform that enables easy consumption of massive data, with high performance and unlimited scalability. It uses its innovative OLAP on Big Data technology to pre-aggregate data to build highly optimized OLAP cubes using the compute and store capacity of the Big Data platform. Since the cubes are stored on the Big Data platform, they are not limited by the size of the memory and allow MicroStrategy users to query their Big Data without any limitations.

With Kyvos, business users and analysts can access, explore, and visualize their Big Data with instant response times. Our breakthrough technology enables sub-second responses on billions of rows of data. Serving the most complex queries in seconds, Kyvos makes it easy for users to visualize their Big Data using the power of their MicroStrategy analytics platform.

Join us at MicroStrategy World 2019

If you want to see how Kyvos improves the performance of MicroStrategy on Big Data, visit Booth #110 and watch Kyvos in action. You can schedule a meeting with our experts now. See you at the booth!


You can also attend our session where we will showcase how several Fortune enterprises are revolutionizing analytics using the combined power of MicroStrategy’s powerful visualizations and Kyvos’ capability to deliver high performance and unlimited scalability on Big Data.

Date: Wednesday, February 6, 2019
Time: 8:45AM – 9:00AM
Location: Exhibit Hall, Demo Theatre

At another session during the event, one of our customers, Bell Canada, will present how they increased the scale of their BI using Kyvos. You can attend this session to see how they achieved a query response time of 0.65 seconds on Big Data.

Bell Canada: Exponential BI scaling with OLAP on big data

You can also download our solution brief to get more information on how Kyvos works with MicroStrategy to enable instant, multi-dimensional analytics on Big Data.


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