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Supercharging Excel for High-Speed Financial Analytics

By May 12, 2021June 3rd, 2021Uncategorized

The Need for OLAP on the Cloud
Kyvos delivers high-performance on Excel calculations, graphs, charts, and pivot tables, and that’s why our customers say “Kyvos is like Pivot on Steroids”

Microsoft Excel is one of the most popular analytics tools that has been around for ages. Though enterprises today use advanced BI tools, a significant chunk of financial analysts and teams still prefer to work on Excel. However, with massively growing data and enterprises moving to the cloud, it becomes challenging for Excel to keep up.

The Need for OLAP on the Cloud

Financial and risk analysis is no longer limited to accurate financial statements and reports. Risk leaders want to drill down to the lowest level of granularity, sometimes on billions of data points to shape their business strategies and improve decision-making.

As analytical requirements grow, more and more data and metrics get added to your spreadsheets, often beyond what Excel can handle. You reach a dead-end. And, it looks like the only way out is to migrate to a new tool or analytical platform. With Kyvos, you don’t have to do any of that.

Kyvos overcomes the limitations of Excel, the most popular financial reporting tool, and supercharges it to scale with your growing data. It builds a semantic layer on top of your data lake and lets you slice and dice billions of data points in sub-seconds.

With Kyvos, you get:

  • High-performance on Excel calculations, graphs, charts, and pivot tables
  • Live connection to massive data
  • Controlled access for thousands of users
  • Instant time series analysis

You can analyze any amount of data and work with hundreds of metrics needed for modern-day analytics.

Simple, isn’t it?

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