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Tableau on Big Data | Kyvos Delivers Sub-Second Responses on Trillions of Rows

By October 30, 2018July 21st, 2021Uncategorized

Kyvos supercharges Tableau performance to enable sub-second responses on any data size

Tableau Conference 2018, a flagship event where Tableau partners, customers, and technology enthusiasts come together to discover and discuss ways in which Tableau can be used for business analytics, was held in New Orleans from October 22-25. At the conference this year, Kyvos showcased how it works with Tableau on Big Data to deliver the fastest insights in the cloud and on-premise platforms.

Tableau Big Data Challenges

Tableau is one of the most popular self-service, easy to use, BI tools that offers data visualization capabilities that helps business users perform complex analysis using an intuitive, interactive, drag-and-drop process. One of the main reasons for Tableau’s success is that it creates beautiful dashboards quickly and easily. This facilitates real-time conversations with data across multiple systems and platforms.

Though Tableau is the perfect tool to help business users visualize their data, it is not designed to handle Big Data analysis. When data is very large, queries take minutes or hours instead of seconds, and interaction suffers. Business users, who expect the same versatility and interaction with their Big Data that they had with traditional data, get frustrated. Though several best practices can be applied to maximize the performance of Tableau on Big Data platforms, none of them can meet the growing expectations of the business users.

Tableau + Kyvos: Instant, Interactive BI on Big Data

Kyvos revolutionizes Big Data Analytics for Tableau users by letting them analyze trillions of data points interactively on their Tableau dashboards with sub-second response times. This allows Tableau users to work on their Big Data directly, whether in the cloud or on-premise, without any delay.

By combining the scalability power of the Big Data platforms and the powerful visualizations of Tableau, Kyvos changes the way enterprises look at Big Data Analytics. With Kyvos, the same queries which took minutes or hours can be performed in seconds, and users get real-time BI on Big Data.

Kyvos integrates seamlessly with Tableau enabling users to connect to their big data directly from their Tableau dashboard, irrespective of the size or scale of data. The combined power of Tableau and Kyvos helps organizations make sense of their Big Data and use the insights to transform their business.

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How Walgreens transformed SCM with Kyvos, Tableau, and Big Data

At a session during the Tableau Conference this year, Walgreens, one of the largest retail pharmacy chains in the world, presented how they have successfully transformed their Supply chain management with Kyvos, Tableau, and Big Data.

Walgreens wanted to leverage their data to improve their supply chain efficiency and reduce inventory costs. To achieve this objective, they had to process trillions of rows of inventory data and sales data from over 20,000 suppliers and 9000 stores. Their current systems were strained while dealing with the scale and cardinality of their data, and could not provide timely insights to thousands of suppliers and business users. The visualizations were essential to support the data sharing strategy between Walgreens and their suppliers.

In the session, Walgreens describes how they use Kyvos and Tableau to analyze two years of historical data instantly and interactively to get deeper insights into their supply chain.

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