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Top Three BI on Big Data Challenges

By June 1, 2018July 21st, 2021Uncategorized

Data Aware to Data Driven

As per a recent “BI on Big Data Adoption” survey conducted by Kyvos, lack of skill-set, governance and performance are the top three challenges faced by organizations in implementing BI on Big Data.

Most enterprises have invested heavily in Big Data initiatives over the last many years. But, have they been able to use their Hadoop or Big Data infrastructure to build intelligent businesses?

As per the results of the survey, only 29% organizations are deriving substantial value from their Big Data investments.

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“Lot of companies embark on Big Data journey, set up Big Data infrastructures, start collecting all of the data, but then they find it is not being adopted within their enterprises. A lot of Big Data deployments are stagnating with people wondering if this is the right direction and if they need to go back to their old ways of doing things”, says Ajay Anand, VP Products & Marketing – Kyvos Insights

So, what could be the reasons? Why are most organizations still struggling to reach that ideal state where they can put all of their data to use and get the much-needed insights?

The survey findings show that the top three challenges faced by organizations in implementing BI on Big Data are as follows:

  • Lack of Skillset within the organization to use Big Data for insights
  • Data Governance issues faced when data is collected from a lot of different sources
  • Performance of BI tools while working on Big Data

If you want to hear our panel of experts discuss these challenges in detail and learn how you can overcome them, watch our webinar on “How to Bring BI into the Big Data World.

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In this webinar, our speakers, Claudia Imhoff, renowned analyst & Founder – Boulder BI Brain Trust and Ajay Anand, VP Products & Marketing – Kyvos Insights, will unveil the survey results and share their thoughts on what steps you could take to bring BI to the Big Data world.

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