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Why do you need Modern BI Architecture in the Cloud?

By March 26, 2019July 16th, 2021Uncategorized

Why do you need modern BI architecture in the Cloud?
The ability to pull actionable insights from data determines the success of an organization in a rapidly evolving business landscape. As per a recent Forrester report, organizations who want to become customer-obsessed must make a significant shift from being data-driven to becoming insights-driven. With 80% of global data and analytics technology decision-makers reporting that they’ve already deployed or are planning to deploy or upgrade basic BI components, the adoption of BI platforms, tools, and solutions is expected to rise. As organizations compete on data and insights, it becomes necessary to evaluate new technologies and processes that help in building a truly-insights driven organization.

Trends that will shape the future of BI

Cloud data lakes are transforming the way organizations store, manage, and consume their data. Nearly 60% of North American enterprises now rely on public cloud platforms, and private clouds are growing fast too. As per Forrester, cloud computing will firmly establish itself as the foundation of future enterprise application platforms in 2019 and cloud spending will increase as enterprises adopt cloud tools and services in whatever way they can.

By providing a highly elastic and scalable environment for organizations to build their BI platform, the cloud has the potential to reduce time to insights, accelerate decision-making, and drive business outcomes. Moving business intelligence to the Cloud it is a key trend that will shape the future of enterprise BI.

Need for a modern BI Architecture

However, just moving your BI applications to the cloud does not automatically make them more efficient or meaningful to the business. It is a common myth that the cloud makes your business agile by providing the scalability and performance that is required to achieve the desired business results.

An inflexible BI architecture that works the same way as on-premise slows down when the size of your data in the Cloud increases, besides consuming too many resources. The key here is to implement cloud services from an outcome perspective. And that’s the reason why you need a modern BI architecture that is built for specifically the cloud.

Big Data BI platform designed for the Cloud

If you want to leverage the Cloud for Big Data BI, you need an architecture with built-in elasticity required in the cloud. Kyvos is a truly elastic, high-performing BI on Big Data platform that can deliver quick insights that translate into business outcomes.

Built natively for the cloud, Kyvos embeds cloud technologies in its architecture, enabling ad-hoc analysis and exploration of data at massive scale. It leverages the Cloud for elasticity to optimize resource utilization, deal with peak loads, and deliver cost-effective BI. Its limitless scalability allows enterprises to create a unified view of all enterprise data, enabling easy consumption of data at massive scale.

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If you want to learn more about why you need a modern BI architecture in the cloud and how you can build it, watch our webinar “How the Cloud will shape the future of Enterprise BI” where our guest speaker, Boris Evelson, Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst, and Ajay Anand, Kyvos Insights VP Products & Marketing discuss:

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