Find Micro Trends and Insights

  • Use all of your data to find micro trends and hard-to-find insights
  • Smart visualizations can drill down to the lowest levels of detail
  • Support for geographical analysis
  • Linked charts, conditional highlighting
  • Flexible and customizable dashboarding
  • Ability to hyperlink different dashboards for 360 degree analysis

No More Waiting

  • Distributed query servers deliver Hadoop scale performance
  • Queries return in subseconds on TBs of data
  • Drill as deep as you want to find hidden trends and insights
  • Develop insights from all your data, regardless of size and granularity

Use Your Favorite BI tools

  • Direct Integration with traditional BI tools like Tableau, Excel, and more
  • Easier to find answers, irrespective of data size from any application
  • Use your existing BI tool, no learning curve on new software