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Case Study

Leading Telecom Accelerates Time-to-Insights on 150 Billion Viewer Interactions

With more than 10 billion records of viewership data, from more than 30 million unique users, accumulating each month, this leading telecom and mass media company wanted to achieve customer journey analytics on 15 months of historical data. To improve customer offerings and expand its business they wanted to analyze this data across a variety of dimensions, such as viewer demographics, network information, program details, and more.

However, it was challenging to analyze month-over-month data due to its sheer volume and complexity. They had to compromise not only the level of aggregation and scale of data but also struggle with longer time-to-insights. As data increased, queries took up to 30 minutes to return, and complex ones would take even longer.

In this case study, you will learn how Kyvos helps them accelerate and scale their cloud analytics on their AWS and MicroStrategy platforms while reducing the workloads of their engineering teams. Faster and more in-depth insights help them:

  • Evaluate the performance of broadcasters and service networks
  • Make business decisions based on the origin of different content
  • Identify ways to improve their content, products, and offers
  • Negotiate better with networks
  • Analyze and compare the performance of different programs

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