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Overcome Cloud BI limitations of:

Siloed Data

Limited Scalability

Performance Issues

Growing Costs

Deliver high-performance business intelligence to data scientists, data engineers and analysts, irrespective of the size or complexity of your data.

Analyze at Any Scale

Sub-Second Responses


Why Smart OLAP™ on Databricks?


Perform multidimensional analysisAnalyze across hundreds of dimensions and measures with interactive response times. on your lakehouse with Smart OLAP™ technology. Slice and dice, roll up, drill down, and explore billions of rows in sub seconds.


Distributed architecture can scale up and downReduce costs by scaling analytics up and down to deliver consistent performance during spikes and reduce resource consumption during lean periods. Auto-scaling helps you pre-schedule querying activities in response to predictable load changes. on the cloud to accommodate fluctuating data workloads and processing needs, while keeping your BI costs in control.


Simple and visual data modelingGraphical cube designer enables you to define relationships between datasets using a simple drag and drop functionality, with minimum dependency on IT teams. without any programming or the need to write SQL. Translate complex business logic into accurate and optimized OLAP models and get instant answers to your business questions.


Live data access to thousands of concurrent users without any latency with universal semantic layerA high-performing Universal Semantic Layer provides a holistic view of all your data. You can define all your metadata in one place and business teams across your enterprise can access the same single source of truth.. Share data across teams to deliver unified and collaborative business insights.

Benefits of Smart OLAP™ on the Cloud

  • Pre-aggregation minimizes redundant processing and reduces querying costs
  • Turbocharged BI ToolsSupports all major BI tools such as Tableau, MicroStrategy, Excel, Looker, Power BI, Business Objects, Cognos, and Spotfire. The same queries that took minutes and hours earlier, return in sub-seconds. with high responsiveness at scale
  • Intelligent aggregation based on the query patterns for optimizing designs
  • Advanced data modelingAdvanced data modeling features help build complex logical hierarchies, without compromising on performance. Smart OLAP™ supports recursive, unbalanced, ragged, and alternate hierarchies, custom rollups as well as massively scalable accurate distinct count on billions of transactions. capabilities to map complex business use cases

Cloud-Native BI Architecture for Unlimited Scalability

Smart OLAP Architect

High Performance on Every Data Platform

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Hear from our Customers

Kyvos reduced our time to insight dramatically, helping us analyze billions of rows of data quickly and that’s the biggest benefit for Walgreens. We are now able to drill down to details on the fly to support our day to day business.

Mahek ParikhData Scientist, Walgreens

Kyvos semantic layer helped us stitch all our data together and enable self-service BI for our business users. Now, they can slice and dice in pretty much any combination they want within sub-seconds.

Mark PiconeVP, Info. & Data Services, Adobe

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