DataWorks Summit 2018

June 17-21, 2018
San Jose | CA

Kyvos is a disruptive Big Data solution that delivers the fastest BI on the planet at massive scale. Our patent-pending OLAP technology enables Fortune 500 companies to query billions of rows of data within seconds and helps business leaders make informed decisions. We harness the true potential of data lakes in partnership with industry leaders in BI, Cloud, and Hadoop technologies. Our breakthrough technology enables analysts to interact with data in real time, using their favorite BI tools. Kyvos has been shown to be 100x faster than Hive and Impala on standard benchmarks.

Kyvos Insights is exhibiting at the DataWorks Summit 2018, the world’s premier big data community event for everything data.

This 5 day conference is attended by features many of the Apache Hadoop Industry experts, business leaders, architects, data scientists and Hadoop developers thought leaders, who share real-world use cases, success stories, and best practices.

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BI on Big Data with instant response times at Verizon

Being one of the world’s largest communications companies, Verizon faced the challenge of analyzing viewership data from its 6 million subscribers, across mediums, viewers, and geographies, and use the insights to power its marketing decisions and improve customer experience. With increasing data volumes and sources, Verizon was outgrowing its traditional BI solutions and struggling to use the data collected on their new data platforms. Queries would often take hours or even days to run and more hours and days to evaluate, resulting in the company only running the analysis periodically. This led to lag times in Verizon’s ability to respond to network, content, customer and company problems. With Kyvos, they were able to build a BI consumption layer on their Big Data platform which allowed them to use their existing BI tools to analyze data within Hadoop interactively, across many dimensions, with instant response times. Insights from the BI Consumption Layer helped them create better programming for their customers and increase value for their advertisers.