DataWorks Summit June 2018: BI on Big Data with Instant Response Times at Verizon

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Data Aware to Data Driven

At the Dataworks Summit San Jose this year, Arun Jinde from Verizon presented how they use Kyvos to achieve high performance and self-service, interactive BI.

In the 40-minute session, Arun explained the key challenges of Big Data and the innovative approach they use to deal with the complexity of Big Data to build a completely scalable BI on Big Data platform that can meet those challenges.

He elaborated on the architecture of Verizon’s Video Analytics Platform and how Kyvos helps them to analyze the massive amount of viewership data in its entirety, with the ability to slice and dice and drill down to the lowest levels of granularity, with instantaneous response times.


The session focused on Verizon’s technology and the benefits of a using Kyvos’ modern OLAP solution for BI on Big Data.

Key highlights of the session: :

  • Why is OLAP needed for BI on Big Data?
  • What are the limitations of traditional OLAP?
  • How is modern OLAP different?
  • How Kyvos’ OLAP on Hadoop technology helps in achieving instant response times?

Result attained with kyvos

High performance and instant response times with Kyvos

You can find the detailed presentation slides here.

If you want to learn more about how Kyvos can help you achieve instant response times with BI on Big Data, request a demo now.

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