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Customer Journey Analytics: Instant Insights on Trillions of Interactions

Getting a unified view of the customer’s journey and consolidating this data across millions of customers provides deep insights into their behavior. It can answer several key business questions such as, which product features are most valuable to the customers, how various steps of customer experience drive conversions, how customer support interactions contribute to conversions, how marketing campaigns affect customer interactions and many more such questions.

Most organizations today manage and store massive volumes of their customer data on the cloud and on-premise data lakes. But when it comes to analytics, they struggle to use this data. Their existing tools fail to meet the expectations of the business users as they find it difficult to process the huge volume of data that is collected from multiple touchpoints.

Download this eBook to learn:

  • How your organization can use customer journey analytics to get unthinkable business value
  • How you can overcome challenges associated with volume, speed, and complexity of customer journey data
  • How Kyvos delivers instant insights into billions of customers interactions

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