Accelerate Tableau Performance at Massive Scale

Cloud | On-Premise

Kyvos superpowers Tableau’s performance, enabling users to access trillions of rows of data on the cloud or on-premise storage platforms directly from their Tableau visualizations without any delay or time lag.

Trillions of Rows

Analyze trillions of rows of data in Tableau

Instant Dashboard Refreshes

Interactive response times even for complex reports

Cloud and On-Premise Platforms

Connect Tableau directly to modern data platforms

No Need for Extracts

Analyze your data without any data movement or need to pull extracts

No Scalability Limitations

Query as much data as you need without in-memory limitations

High Performance on Queries

Sub-second response times for both warm and cold queries

Fastest Time-to-Insight

Kyvos brings more power to Tableau, making it easier for users to find answers from their data stored on the cloud or on-premise platforms, irrespective of its size or granularity. Tableau users can explore, slice and dice, drill down, and analyze massive volumes of data directly from their dashboards without the need to pull extracts or move data out of their data platform. The same queries which took hours and minutes can be completed in seconds, bringing back time to business users and helping them get deeper insights into their business.

Fastest Insights
Brilliant Visualizations

Universal Semantic Layer

Kyvos creates a semantic layer on your data platform that allows thousands of users across the enterprise to access a single source of truth with high performance and unlimited scalability. Users can get in as much data as they need into their Tableau dashboards without any impact on performance. The combined power of Tableau’s powerful visualization and Kyvos’ expertise in handling massive data helps users connect all their data and use the insights to transform their business.

Seamless Integration

Kyvos enables a live connection between Tableau and modern data platforms, making it extremely easy for users to perform analytics on massive data. It also offers a custom Tableau connector that makes it simpler for Tableau users to connect to Kyvos. Kyvos offers native support for all cloud platforms, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud, as well as the latest releases of Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR, and Apache Hadoop.

Seamless Integration
Kyvos + Tableau


The ever-growing volume of data is driving enterprises to re-think their business intelligence and analytics strategy. Adding Kyvos to your Tableau on Hadoop or cloud infrastructure gives you the power of doing instant analytics on massive amounts of data.

Learn how Kyvos and Tableau work together to speed up BI and meet the growing analytical needs of modern enterprises.


Kyvos + Tableau

How Walgreens transformed SCM with Kyvos, Tableau, and Big Data?

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Tableau for massive data on the Cloud – How Kyvos helps you sail through

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Tableau for massive data on the Cloud – How Kyvos helps you sail through

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Tableau released a new custom Kyvos connector with its latest version, Tableau 2019.4. The new connector strengthens the integration between the two platforms and provides the scale, flexibility, and speed that Tableau users need to deal with data at massive scale.

Announcing New Connector
Learn how to use the custom connector

Download the new connector