Kyvos and Tableau work together to deliver unimaginable performance on data at massive scale. Kyvos integrates seamlessly with Tableau enabling business users to access trillions of rows of data on the cloud or on-premise storage platforms directly from their Tableau visualizations without any delay or time lag.

Fastest Insights

With Kyvos, Tableau users can get instant responses on massive volumes of data stored on their data lake. Connect all your data and uncover the story by visually interacting with data at a massive scale. Drill as deep as you want to identify opportunities, detect issues, and understand trends. Enable thousands of users across your enterprise to access massive volumes of data instantly by adding the Kyvos Engine to your Tableau on Hadoop or cloud infrastructure.

Fastest Insights
Brilliant Visualizations

Brilliant Visualizations

Kyvos brings more power to Tableau, making it easier for users to find answers from their data stored on the cloud or on-premise platforms, irrespective of its size and granularity. The combined power of Tableau’s powerful visualization and Kyvos’ expertise in handling massive data helps you make sense of all your data and use the insights to transform your business.

Seamless Integration

Kyvos offers seamless integration with Tableau Desktop (Professional Edition) and Tableau Server, making it extremely easy to perform analytics on massive data stored on modern data platforms. It offers a custom Tableau connector that makes it easy for Tableau users to connect to Kyvos. Kyvos offers native support for all cloud platforms, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud, as well as the latest releases of Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR, and Apache Hadoop.

Seamless Integration


The ever-growing volume of data is driving enterprises to re-think their business intelligence and analytics strategy. Self-service BI and quick insights are the way forward, in today’s competitive world.

Kyvos with Tableau, gives you the power of doing analytics on massive-scale data on the cloud or on-premise platforms, instantly and interactively. Learn how they work together to speed up BI and meet the growing analytical needs of your enterprise.


Kyvos + Tableau

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