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BI Acceleration

BI acceleration platform supercharges your existing BI tools to analyze billions or trillions of rows of data with instant response times.

By adding a BI acceleration platform to your enterprise architecture, you can deliver self-service and interactive analysis on massive data. Your users can analyze their data in sub-seconds irrespective of its size or complexity.

Why do you need a BI acceleration platform?

Most businesses invest heavily in data consolidation and cloud storage. However, when it comes to leveraging this data for business insights, they are constrained by the limitations of their BI tools. As a result, generating ROI on your data investments becomes difficult, and business suffers because of delayed insights and uninformed decisions.
A BI acceleration layer helps you use your BI tools to analyze all your historical data and drill down to details to uncover hidden insights and discover new opportunities for your business.

5 practical uses of the BI acceleration platform for your organization:

  1. Resolve Complex Reporting Needs
    A BI Acceleration platform allows you to answer complex business queries without complex coding or manual aggregation. It creates a universal semantic layer between your BI tools and data storage layer that keeps your business metrics and calculation logic consistent. BI Acceleration also overcomes all the challenges of traditional BI tools as it supercharges them to deliver instant query responses on massive volumes of data, be it on the cloud or on-premise Hadoop data lakes.
  2. Data Access to Every User
    As the number of BI users increase and start running concurrent reports for day-to-day decision-making, they start facing performance challenges. A BI acceleration platform enables you to deliver self-service BI even to 1000s of concurrent users without any performance degradation.
  3. Optimizing cloud BI Costs
    Compute costs on the cloud become unpredictable as more data and users get added. A BI Acceleration platform helps you optimize cloud BI costs and reduce cluster exhaustion with its build-once-query-multiple-times approach.
  4. 360-degree view of all your data
    Business data is spread across multiple product lines, departments, locations, and timelines. With the limitations of traditional BI tools, it gets difficult to have a unified view of your growing data. A BI acceleration platform lets you get a comprehensive view of your business with instant BI at a massive scale.
  5. Sub-Second Responses to Business Questions
    Some queries can take minutes and hours to return. As a result, insights are delayed, decision-making suffers, and your business users aren’t happy with long waiting times. A BI acceleration platform eliminates latency and delivers sub-second responses regardless of data size or query complexity.
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