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Discover GenAI powered, high-performance analytics on Google Cloud Platform


Superfast, scalable and cost-effective semantic layer

Leverage our platform’s next-gen AI prowess and cost efficiency to achieve high-speed analytics at a limitless scale, despite the underlying data complexity or number of concurrent users. Never miss an insight with real-time data access. Available on the GCP Marketplace with pay-as-you-go pricing and instant deployment. Stay ahead with Kyvos.


Analytical data warehouse

A modern, unified, cloud-native analytical data warehouse built for fast, secure and cost-effective data discovery.  

High-Performance Querying 

Lightning-fast performance and granular insights on any BI tool and for every analytical query.

Secure Data Access

Ensure row- and column-level security with role-based access control on unified data. 

Lower Analytical Costs  

Pay only for what you use and control your querying costs on the cloud.  

End-to-End Analytics 

Comprehensive platform, from analytical warehousing to advanced visualization.

OLAP modernization

Universal semantic layer

Kyvos universal semantic layer organizes, simplifies and accelerates the consumption of unified data to ensure a consistent, standardized and trusted view.

Simplify analytics

Hide data complexities and standardize business logic across the enterprise.

Multidimensional insights

Experience interactive analytics on raw or aggregated data.

Self-service querying

Get the answers from any data source, on any analytics tool.

Designed for the cloud

Unify business logic across different BI tools for scalable analysis on the cloud.

Universal semantic layer

Data mesh

Kyvos creates data models to combine domain-level data products into a universal semantic layer, ensuring single representation of all your data and high-speed querying.

High performance analytics

Intuitive slice and dice analytics patterns across entire spectrum of query space.

Build data products

Create and deliver optimized and intuitive data products.

Universal semantic layer

Business-friendly semantic layer in the language of the end-users.

Inter-domain analysis

Blended data products to enable integrated analysis across domains.

Data Mesh

BI & reporting

Kyvos’ built-in data science and machine learning capabilities enable enterprises to go beyond typical BI and experience a digital transformation like never before.

Interactive dashboards

Customizable 360° dashboards to see the picture or granular.

Forecast with confidence

Find hidden patterns and insights from any volume of data with AutoML.

Real-time analytics

Analyze real-time data from multiple sources – including live streaming data.

Mobile analytics

Access business insights with a simple tap and swipe on your mobile.

BI and Reporting


Self-serve, multidimensional analytics on GCP with Kyvos

Bring Your Analytics Tool

Universal semantic layer

Ensure unified and trusted data views across your enterprise, even when thousands of concurrent users run queries at once.

Price-performant querying

Access Kyvos within the Google Cloud infrastructure at the lowest costs. No long-term contracts or upfront payments are required.

Interactive Analytics

Enjoy high performance

No matter where your data comes from and in what volumes or formats, ingest, store and analyze it without any latency.

Eliminate Data Complexity

Simplify predictive modeling

Reduce complexities in your analytics with our no-code interface. Identify opportunities and make accurate decisions for a competitive edge.


GenAI-driven analytics for
leading global enterprises

Try Kyvos for free

Enjoy the free, single-node version of Kyvos with no license cost. Pay only for the GCP infrastructure consumed.

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