What’s new in Kyvos 4.0

Kyvos 4.0 is the newest release of our enterprise BI on Big Data platform. This release introduces more than 35 new features and enhancements including expanded SQL support, to deliver previously unachievable levels of interactive performance and analysis.

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Achieve the impossible with your Big Data

Experience Limitless Performance, Scalability, and Flexibility with Kyvos 4.0

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Than Hive, Impala, ROLAP, and other SQL applications.



Enabling analysis from your existing BI tools over any amount of data



Scale for thousands of concurrent requests without impact on performance

Load Balancer

Scale-Out Architecture for Concurrent Access

Kyvos 4.0 introduces an active-active load balancing architecture for scalable deployments to thousands of users across the enterprise. It provides near linear scalability with minimal degradation as new users are added, while providing enterprise-class high availability.

Enhanced Support for BI Tools with SQL

In addition to MDX connectivity, Kyvos 4.0 provides SQL connectivity to query its cubes. As a result, enterprises can use the BI visualization tool of their choice with response time in seconds. Kyvos supports all major BI tools including Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, Qlik, Microstrategy, IBM Cognos, SAP Business Objects and Microsoft Excel.

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OLAP Engines

Support for Elastic Deployments

With the latest release Kyvos now supports elastic deployments, which means that Kyvos query engines can be increased to deal with increased loads, and decreased during off-peak hours. This makes the analytical environment highly flexible and cost-effective, and enables optimal utilization of cluster resources in both on-premises deployments as well as cloud deployments.

Enterprise-Class Data Security

The newest version of Kyvos offers advanced role-based security for managing multiple groups. Kyvos 4.0 provides row and column level security for fine-grained access control, plug-in support for encryption, and integration with enterprise single sign-on tools, such as SiteMinder and Okta. Kyvos seamlessly integrates with Hortonworks Ranger, Cloudera Sentry and enterprise security frameworks.


Enterprise Architecture for Fastest and Most Scalable BI on Big Data

Kyvos has been built keeping in mind the needs of modern day enterprises. Every layer of our architecture is designed to remove performance barriers, accelerate time to insight and put Big Data in the hands of business users.

Our team continuously delivers enhancements and optimizations to accommodate the ever-increasing requirements of enterprises. With Kyvos 4.0 we are bringing a richer set of capabilities that can help enterprises truly leverage their Big data and achieve instant business insights.

Deployment Architecture

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