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Kyvos Cloud

BI Acceleration-as-a-Service

Kyvos Cloud is a fully-managed BI acceleration platform that lets you achieve superfast insights at massive scale without having to worry about deployment and maintenance overheads.

Supercharging analytics on cloud without worrying about deployment and maintenance overheads.


Quick On-Boarding

Get started quickly with our fully managed model. Kyvos Cloud comes with SOC2 compliance and enterprise-grade security.


Controlled Costs

Create a unified business view of all your data for self-service analytics.


Highly Scalable

Scale up and down quickly without disruption. Kyvos Cloud lets you proactively respond to the changing analytical needs of your enterprise.

Why Kyvos Cloud?


  • Unlimited Data:
    • 100s of dimensions and measures
    • Cardinality in Billions
    • Support for Complex hierarchies
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited queries

BI Tools

Tableau BI Tool

Microsoft Power BI





      • SOC 2 Compliant


    • Personal access token authentication
    • Single Sign-On
    • Row and Column Level Security


Talk to us. Specify your business needs. Define SLAs.


We spin a cluster, deploy and configure Kyvos for you.


Build and optimize your Kyvos cube. Get accelerated insights.


We manage, maintain, and monitor your environment.
Kyvos analysis steps

Start Your 15-Day Trial

BI Acceleration-as-a-Service


What are the benefits of Kyvos Cloud?

Kyvos Cloud is our fully managed BI Acceleration-as-a-service offering. Kyvos lets you supercharge your existing BI tools for instant analytics on billions of rows of data, across hundreds of dimensions and measures. You can modernize your legacy OLAP and replace it with massively scalable and highly performant Smart OLAP™ on the cloud. Further, with our Smart Semantic Layer™ you can achieve a single source of truth and self-service BI across the enterprise. To top it all, with Kyvos Cloud you do not have to worry about deployment and maintenance overheads. While we take care of it on your behalf, you do what you are best at – Analytics!

How can I get started with Kyvos Cloud?

You can experience Kyvos Cloud with our 15-day trial or reach out to our sales team with a demo request for a custom offering of Kyvos Cloud.

What all can I do with my Kyvos Cloud trial?

With the Kyvos Cloud trial you get full featured access to Kyvos BI Acceleration platform, for a period of 15 days. You get 500 credits worth $4000 to test your enterprise use case, and experience exceptionally fast BI performance at massive scale.

What happens when my Kyvos Cloud trial credits get exhausted?

If your credits are exhausted before the completion of the 15-day trial, you can request for additional credits by reaching out to our sales or support team. In case you have unused credits post the trial duration, you can request for an extension of the trial period also.

Can I procure Kyvos Cloud through Amazon Marketplace?

Yes! You can buy Kyvos Cloud license and credits from the marketplace directly or connect with Kyvos sales for a custom-built offer.

What data platforms are supported with Kyvos Cloud?

Kyvos Cloud is currently available on AWS using S3, Redshift, Glue, and Snowflake as data sources. It also supports on Azure with Snowflake as a data source. We plan to release Kyvos Cloud for other cloud platforms and data warehouses soon.

What BI and analytics tools are supported with Kyvos Cloud?

Kyvos Cloud provides support for all popular BI tools like Tableau, Looker, MicroStrategy, Excel, PowerBI etc. and data science tools like R and Python.

How soon can we get started?

We need some details about your storage and analytics environment to complete the set-up. Once we have them, we spin up the cluster and get you started.

Is my data secure with Kyvos Cloud?

Kyvos Cloud is certified for SOC2 Type 1 compliance ensuring complete security of your data. Kyvos application does not make a copy of your source data. Further, Kyvos provides granular access control with row and column level security, TLS encryption for data in transit and KMS encryption for data at rest, seamless integration with AWS Secret Manager for storing passwords and sensitive information, LDAP/SAML integration for Kyvos Portal, authorization and authentication using IAM Role for AWS Services and separate network for each customer.

Technical Documentation

Details on technical capabilities and how to
use the platform.


Terms of use, end user license agreement,
and other legal policies.

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