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Get deep insights for impactful business outcomes

Kyvos for Business Leaders

Explore years of data and get instant answers to your business questions. Track key metrics, identify red flags and uncover hidden opportunities within seconds.


Self-Service Access

Remove complexity and empower business users by enabling self-serve BI on billions of rows.


Drill Down to Lowest Level

Drill down to granular details to leave no insights behind.


360-degree view

Slice-n-dice all your data from different perspectives to achieve 360-degree view.


Single Source of Truth

Simplify analytics with a unified version of all organizational data.

Your business can only be as efficient as your BI. So why compromise?

No waiting for reports

No need to wait for hours or days to get updated reports. Visually explore your data and find the insights that matter.

Visualize your data effortlessly

Create your own dashboards using graphical elements that work best for your business.

Use Your Favorite BI Tools

No need to learn a new tool. Use any BI tool you feel comfortable with to explore all your data.

Limitless Analytics

Analyze years of data and learn from experience. Identify, compare and understand trends for better strategy.

Collaborate with Your Team

Share reports and metrics of your business across your team. Back all your decisions with data.

Single Source of Truth

Say goodbye to fragmented reporting and ensure that people across functions and locations have the same view.

Empowering Decision Makers to Drive Growth

Kyvos allows you to answer business questions you didn’t think to ask, follow key
metrics, identify red flags, and uncover hidden opportunities by analyzing what’s
changed and why. All in seconds.


Analyze years of historical data and deep dive into details for faster and more accurate decision-making. With quicker and self-service access to enterprise data, you can truly drive a data-first culture in your team and stay ahead of competition and market changes.


Knowledge is power. Get holistic and unified view of all your enterprise data lets you see the bigger picture and comprehend what is working or not working in your business and why.


You don’t have to wait to reports to get high-priority insights. Our business abstraction layer lets you drap and drop your data and get insights immediately. Be on top of changing dynamics of the your business and take right away.

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