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Free Yourself from Compromised BI

Free yourself from

Free Yourself from BI Tool Limtitation

BI Tool Limitations

Free Yourself from Traditional OLAP Constraints

Traditional OLAP Constraints

Free Yourself from Limited Insights

Limited Insights

Free Yourself from Compromised Decision

Compromised Decisions

“Kyvos Free” supercharges your existing BI environment on AWS and lets you discover game-changing insights faster than ever before.

Superfast Insights

Explore your data at speed of thought. Sub-second responses guaranteed.

Unlimited Queries

Unlimited Queries

Fire unlimited queries without any additional costs. Minimal compute in comparison to SQL engines.



Our Pre-built Cloud template and install on your AWS Environment.


Create your Data to Analysis pipeline, without programming.


Start Analyzing using your existing BI Tools.
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What comes Free with “Kyvos Free”

Full Featured Product License

Data & Platform

  • Can Analyze Data Upto:
    • 2 Billion Rows
    • 10 Dimensions and 50 Attributes
    • 50 Million Cardinality
  • Unlimited Named Users
  • Built for AWS Cloud


Support for all Popular BI tools including:

Tableau BI Tool

Microsoft Power BI



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Paid Professional Services and Support

Paid Professional Services and Support

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