Solution Brief

Build and Consume a Single Source of Truth across the Enterprise

An Integrated Solution from EDW modernization to self-service BI at massive scale

Data-driven decision making is changing the way businesses operate, and data warehouse is at the core of every enterprise’s data and analytics strategy. Existing enterprise data warehouses are neither easily scalable to accommodate the growing data nor analytically flexible to business users and analysts.

As traditional data warehouses fail to meet business requirements, there is an urgent need to migrate to the cloud or an on-premise data platform. This process will also eliminate the data silos that exist today and bring enterprise-wide data together to create a single source of truth.

Read our solution brief to learn how you can:

  • Migrate to a cloud or an on-premise data lake using automation
  • Build a BI acceleration layer for interactive insights into this data
  • Solve some real-world analytics use cases