Kyvos Insights’ customer Verizon wins the TDWI 2018 Best Practices Award in Emerging Technologies and Methods category

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Kyvos Insights’ customer Verizon wins the TDWI 2018 Best Practices

TDWI recently announced the winners of its Best Practices Awards 2018 honoring companies that have demonstrated innovation and excellence in Big Data, Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, and Analytics implementations. Verizon’s innovative approach for implementing their Big Data analytics platform won the Best Practices award this year in the “Emerging Technology and Methods” category.

Verizon adopted a hybrid architecture to build its Big Data Analytics platform using technologies from several partners. Their infrastructure consists of a huge legacy data warehouse that handles structured data, and a Hadoop implementation, which includes both structured and unstructured data. Both these systems co-exist and complement each other. To enable instant analytics on this data, Verizon built a BI Consumption Layer using Kyvos’ OLAP on Hadoop technology that allowed pre-aggregation of data into cubes across multiple dimensions to provide instant response to Big Data queries.

Kyvos helped Verizon solve their analytics problems with data at scale through high performance. It was implemented quickly and successfully adopted as it allowed the teams to use their existing BI tools to analyze Hadoop data interactively across several dimensions. “With so many innovations and emerging technologies in the Big Data analytics space, being recognized as a part of the winning solution is a great achievement for us,” said Ajay Anand, Vice President of Products & Marketing at Kyvos Insights. “We will continue our quest for excellence and keep serving our customers with innovations that revolutionize analytics.”

Representatives from Kyvos and Verizon teams would be attending the awards ceremony, which will be held on August 6 at the TDWI Anaheim conference. “We look forward to joining the TDWI award ceremony,” said Anand. “It will be a great opportunity for us to connect with other winners and share our thoughts with experts in the field of data and analytics.”

At the recent DataWorks Summit in San Jose this year, Arun Jinde, Sr. Technical Architect from Verizon presented how they achieve BI on Big Data with instant response times using the Kyvos solution. He elaborated on the architecture of their data platform and how they use modern OLAP to achieve high performance, self-service, interactive BI on Big Data.

To learn more about Verizon’s winning solution and the results that they have achieved with this unique technology, you can watch the webcast or take a look at the presentation slides.

If you want to see how Kyvos can help you achieve instant response times with BI on Big Data, request a demo now.

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