Kyvos Version 5
Instant BI on Big Data with Elastic OLAP

Trillions of data points | Sub‑second responses

What’s new in Kyvos 5

Kyvos 5 is a game changer that delivers BI with sub-second response times on trillions of rows of data in the cloud or on-premise Big Data platforms. Built for the cloud, Kyvos 5 provides enterprise-class OLAP with instant elasticity and unlimited scalability. The new release presents cutting-edge enhancements that enable enterprises to perform smarter and more cost-effective analytics on their Big Data, delivering insights that had never been possible before.

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Native Cloud Support | Elastic deployments | Cost Savings

Transforming Big Data BI in the Cloud

Kyvos 5 offers a radically better way to do analytics in the cloud with high elasticity and improved performance. It leverages native cloud elasticity to scale up and down as needed for cube building and query processing, without downtime or disruption, enabling enterprises to optimize utilization and control costs. Kyvos supports all major cloud service providers including Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure and provides a seamless way for enterprises to move their BI and analytics processing from on-premise to cloud deployments.


Next Generation OLAP designed for Big Data

With this release, Kyvos redefines OLAP technology for Big Data by offering MOLAP, ROLAP, and HOLAP capabilities, changing the way organizations view and consume their data. Kyvos 5 allows querying and drilling through on unprocessed data, enabling organizations to get immediate access to new data for real-time analysis. Its limitless scalability allows enterprises to create a unified view of all enterprise data, enabling easy consumption of data at massive scale.

Intuitive Cube Designs | High Performance

Smarter Analytics with Advanced Data Profiling and Query Analysis

Kyvos 5 adds data profiling and query analysis features that enable smarter analytics by optimizing cube designs to deliver faster response times. It allows users to understand their data before the cube is built and creates designs that deliver the exact performance they need.

Segmentation | Support for unprocessed Data

Mission Critical Insights for Business Success

Kyvos 5 introduces a segmentation feature which allows enterprises to prioritize analytics for users and functions that are crucial for business success, helping them get faster insights and ensuring that they do not have to wait in any situation. Besides this, it enables immediate access to vital datasets even before cubes are built on them ensuring that all urgent requirements are met.

Cache Auto-population | Multiple Query engines

Superior Performance with Intelligent Caching and Optimized Querying

Kyvos 5 has been proven to provide instant analytics on a trillion data points with sub-second response times. This release comes with several enhancements that help in achieving near instant response times. It introduces intelligent caching with advanced features such as cache auto-population, purge, and repopulation. It also allows easy addition of query engines without the need to add more resources, increasing capacity and enabling optimal utilization of existing resources.

New visualizations | Advanced Exporting

Enhanced Visualizations and Better Collaboration

In addition to working seamlessly with all major BI tools, Kyvos also provides its own visualization capabilities. Kyvos 5 introduces several new visualizations such as pie charts on GIS, funnel charts, crosstab with heatmap, calendar chart, tabs in dashboards, and more. Besides this, it provides additional options to share insights and collaborate across teams. Users can now share links of their worksheets, dashboards, and visualizations, as well as export their work in various formats such as an image, pdf, or a comma-separated file.

Enhanced Visualizations and Better Collaboration

Elastic Architecture for Fastest and Most Scalable BI on Big Data

Kyvos has been rebuilt keeping in mind the needs of modern-day enterprises. Every layer of our architecture is designed to remove performance barriers, accelerate time to insight, and put Big Data in the hands of business users.

Our team continuously delivers enhancements and optimizations to accommodate the ever‑increasing requirements of enterprises. With Kyvos 5 we are bringing a richer set of capabilities that can help enterprises truly leverage their Big data in the cloud and on-premise platforms to get instant business insights.

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