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New Kyvos Connector now available through Tableau: Accelerating BI on Modern Data Platforms

New Connector Accelerates how Tableau Users Visualize, Explore and Analyze Massive Amounts of Data to Find Game-Changing Business Insights

Los Gatos, November 10, 2019 – Kyvos Insights, a leading cloud and big data analytics company, today announced that Tableau Software released a native connector to its self-service analytics solution with Tableau 2019.4. This a big step in Kyvos and Tableau’s partnership to deliver instant insights at massive scale as the new Kyvos connector for Tableau optimizes speed and connects directly to modern data platforms.

Using its revolutionary OLAP technology, Kyvos BI acceleration layer is built on modern data platforms to enable Tableau users to access trillions of rows of data directly from their Tableau dashboards.

“Our team is focused on making it easy for customers to perform analytics on massive data sets in the cloud or on-premise data lakes. Kyvos integrates seamlessly with Tableau delivering unmatched performance at a previously unimaginable scale. Our new connector strengthens this integration further and makes it simpler for Tableau users to connect to Kyvos,” said Ajay Anand, Chief Product Officer at Kyvos. “Together, Kyvos and Tableau help enterprises meet their growing analytical needs and get instant insights from all their data without limitations.”

“We’re thrilled to further expand and deepen our Kyvos partnership. This connector provides the scale, flexibility and speed of implementation our customers need to deal with data at massive scale,” said Brian Matsubara, Senior Director of Global Technology Alliances at Tableau.

Kyvos Insights is sponsoring and exhibiting at Tableau Conference in Las Vegas from November 12-15, 2019. They are also hosting a session on how leading enterprises use Tableau powered by Kyvos to break free from cost and performance constraints and perform self-service analytics.
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About Kyvos Insights

Kyvos is world’s fastest BI platform that delivers instant insights on data at massive scale, both on the cloud and on-premise. Our breakthrough Elastic OLAP technology revolutionizes analytics by enabling users to visualize, explore, and analyze trillions of rows of data with sub-second response times. With the mission to transform businesses through innovations in analytics, we continuously deliver solutions that let organizations take full advantage of modern data platforms. Headquartered in Los Gatos, California, Kyvos Insights was formed by a team of veterans from Yahoo!, Impetus and Intellicus Technologies. For more information, visit us at or connect with us on Twitter and LinkedIn.