Breaking scalability and interactivity barriers with OLAP Cubes on Hadoop

Kyvos is a disruptive BI on Big Data platform that delivers instant insights at massive scale. It is designed to build and query OLAP cubes on Hadoop or on the cloud directly with high-performance and unlimited scalability. We eliminate the limitations of traditional OLAP solutions and enable interactive multi-dimensional analytics on Big Data.

Instant BI at Massive Scale

Kyvos enables easy and instant consumption of massive data for users across your enterprise.

  • Data processing and transformation directly on Hadoop
  • Build complex worflows with simple drag and drop – no programming required
  • Rich set of functions including joins, unions, filters, data manipulation and aggregation
  • Support for custom functions and formulas
  • Preview sample results at each stage

Instant BI at Massive Scale

Powerful and Robust Cubes

Next-generation OLAP Technology

Our technology breaks the barriers of BI scalability and interactivity by building massively scalable OLAP cubes on Hadoop and on the cloud.

  • Pre-aggregation of data with options to control the aggregation level
  • Automated incremental updates without manual intervention or custom coding to handle new data, replacement data, and time windowed data
  • Supports automatic data replacement
  • Optimizes the creation of distributed OLAP cubes for better performance and unlimited scalability

Integration with all major BI Tools

Our revolutionary technology allows your existing BI tools to access huge datasets with interactive response times and no data movement.

  • Supports all major BI tools including Business Objects, Cognos, Excel, Qlik, MicroStrategy, Power BI, Spotfire and Tableau
  • Allows you to execute SQL or MDX queries on Kyvos cubes
  • You can access Kyvos cubes from data science engines like R and Python to discover data patterns
  • Supports REST and JAVA APIs for integration with your enterprise custom applications

Integrates with BI and Data Science Tools

Supports all Big Data Platforms

Supports all Big Data Platforms

Kyvos works seamlessly with all  Big Data platforms, both on Hadoop and on the cloud.

  • Supports Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR, as well as Apache Hadoop
  • Supports all cloud platforms including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud
  • In cloud environments, you can scale up or down Kyvos engines for better resource utilization
  • Supports hybrid architecture

Integrates with Enterprise Security Models

Honors your existing security models and integrates with security frameworks of your Big Data platforms to ensure data governance and security.

  • Integrates with your enterprise authorization systems, and provides support for Ranger and Sentry
  • Connects to Kerberos, LDAP and Active Directory for Enterprise user management and authentication
  • Supports SAML based SSO APIs like Okta and SiteMinder to integrate with your existing identity management system
  • Provides granular access control with column and security
  • Offers user and group permissions for charts, worksheets, datasets, and cubes

Integrates with Enterprise Security Models