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Cloud Partners

Kyvos is purpose-built to scale limitlessly and provide elastic deployments for enterprises on the cloud.

Kyvos on AWS helps users analyze billions of rows of data in sub-seconds. Our modern architecture with built-in elasticity leverages Amazon EMR, Redshift, and S3 to build an OLAP-based BI acceleration layer that delivers unmatched BI performance on your AWS workloads.

Kyvos accelerates analytics on Azure by building a highly performant and scalable OLAP layer directly on the Azure platform. Our modern architecture eliminates the complexity of big data analytics and enables direct access to massive datasets on Azure.

Kyvos brings the power of multidimensional analytics to GCP by building an OLAP-based BI acceleration layer on the cloud. Our Smart OLAP™ technology enables users to achieve high-performance BI on GCP without exploding their costs.
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