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Smart OLAP™


This picture shows people enjoying the benefits of fast and scalable BI acceleration platform powered by Kyvos.


Connect, explore, and interact with your data like never before. With Kyvos, you will never need to wait for insights, no matter what.


Supercharge your existing BI tools for cloud or big data analytics. Kyvos works in the background to ensure that your experience is seamless, and you can focus on your core business.


Scale up your analytics without exploding your costs or compromising on performance. Designed for the modern data ecosystem, Kyvos ensures that you only pay for what you use.

Series of visual elements that show how Kyvos helps you aggregate data across multiple platforms, build an acceleration layer and drive business intelligence along with the help of several other tools like MicroStrategy, IBM Cognos, Looker, etc.

Smart OLAP™ Technology

Our revolutionary OLAP technology leverages machine learning and advanced algorithms to build smart aggregates on massive data that deliver unmatched performance on modern data platforms. Kyvos, through its patented technology, manages to contain the combinatorial explosion that happens while dealing with data at this scale, which makes us far superior to all the other OLAP engines available in the market.

Smart OLAP™ Technology2020

Universal Semantic Layer

Define all your metadata and business rules in one place and create a unified view of all your data. Our semantic layer helps you convert complex business logic into data models that are easily accessible and ready-to-be consumed by users across your enterprise.

Support for all Modern Data Platforms

Access your data on the cloud or on-premise data lakes with unmatched performance. Kyvos offers native support for Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR, and Apache Hadoop. It also supports all cloud data warehouses, such as Snowflake, Amazon Redshi¬ft, and Google BigQuery.

Support all Data Plaftforms

BI Tools

Integrates with all Major BI Tools

Enable your existing BI tools to access data at a massive scale with sub-second response times. Kyvos delivers high performance for all major BI tools, including Tableau, MicroStrategy, Excel, Power BI, Business Objects, Cognos, Qlik, and Spotfire, as well as for Data Science tools like R and Python.

Enterprise Security

Safeguard your data with our sophisticated security model that works at all levels. Kyvos works seamlessly with your data platform to ensure data governance and security, and integrates with your enterprise security model, along with support for authentication, encryption, and single sign-on.


Smart OLAP™ combines the flexibility and agility of cloud platforms with the power of OLAP, delivering speed-of-thought analytics needed for the modern data ecosystem.


If you are dealing with massive data volumes, you need a semantic layer that not only provides a consistent data view across your enterprise but also delivers performance at scale.


Eliminate the limitations of traditional BI and perform instant analytics on all your data with the world’s fastest and most scalable BI acceleration platform.