Elastic BI on the cloud

Traditional BI architectures slow down when the size of your data on the cloud increases, besides consuming too many resources. If you want to leverage the cloud for enterprise BI, you need a modern architecture with built-in elasticity that can deliver high performance on data at massive scale. Kyvos builds an elastic, high-performing BI environment on the cloud that delivers instant insights on trillions of rows of data while ensuring optimal utilization of resources.

Elastic BI on the Cloud

Elastic OLAP

Our revolutionary Elastic OLAP technology provides the ability to do OLAP at a very large scale, combined with elasticity to deliver high-performing BI. Our technology enables OLAP cube building and query processing to scale up and down as needed based on user demand.


Optimize resource utilization and save costs on the cloud by scaling your querying capability up or down depending upon the load. Kyvos query engines can automatically scale in and out to provide consistent performance during spikes and shrink costs during lean periods.

High performance

Get consistent performance regardless of the number of dimensions, attributes, or the size of data. Kyvos enables massively scalable cube building on the cloud that can handle any size data. As all the aggregation is done in advance, queries are light-weight and served immediately.

Blog: Transform your Business with Instant BI on Massive Data on the Cloud

Leverage the cloud for business intelligence and put yourself in the lead. Learn how you can build an elastic, high-performing environment for BI on the cloud that helps users across your organization make smarter and faster decisions with instant insights on massive data.

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