Kyvos Visualization Layer

Kyvos offers native visualization capabilities with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface for self-service analysis. Our intuitive dashboards let you monitor and measure business metrics in real-time.

Smart Visualizations

Easily explore and analyze your data with an extensive library of charts including bar, line, GIS, heat map, tree map, and other advanced visualizations.

Interactive Analysis

Explore limitlessly with advanced filtering, drill down capabilities, and configurable actions.

Intuitive Dashboards

Build highly responsive, interactive dashboards to get a comprehensive view of your business. Our visual filters and intuitive workflows enable instant drill up and down on trillions of records.

Seamless Integration

Kyvos offers seamless integration to all business intelligence and data analytics tools. Your business users and analysts can access all their data from their existing tools with no learning curve.

Embedded BI

Integrate Kyvos visualizations into your existing enterprise applications for seamless user experience. Customize the appearance of Kyvos to fit into the existing enterprise platform.

Custom Visualizations

Create custom visualizations to meet specific analytical needs using the industry standard, D3.js.

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