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Live Demo: Advanced Financial Analytics on Excel with Kyvos April 16 | 10 AM PT Register Now


Transforming the Analytics Experience


Accelerate Analytics on Databricks with Kyvos

Download the Solution Brief to learn how Kyvos on Databricks delivers instant and cost-effective analytics on the cloud.


OLAP Modernization at a Global Investment Bank on 5 Years of Historical Data

Read how Kyvos helped a leading multinational investment bank in redefining their financial reporting, MD&A and ad-hoc analysis.


Global Retail Chain Analyzes 3 Years of POS Data on Azure with Kyvos

Learn how Kyvos enabled a Global Retail Chain to achieve faster, deeper, and more cost-effective analytics on Azure platform.


Importance of Cloud Semantic Layer for Your Enterprise

Kyvos’ universal semantic layer organizes your data and simplifies its consumption across the enterprise. Watch our demo to see Kyvos semantic layer in action.


Modernize Legacy OLAP for Instant BI on the Cloud

Watch this demo to learn how Kyvos complements cloud platforms and warehouses and helps you modernize legacy OLAP to keep up with your enterprise analytics needs.


Why you need a Smart Semantic Layer on the Cloud

Kyvos Semantic Layer provides a comprehensive view of your data. Read the blog to know why you need a high-performant semantic layer on the cloud.

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