Solution Brief

TM1 Migration Playbook

Eliminate the limitation of legacy technologies and migrate your TM1 application to next-generation Smart OLAP™ technology to deal with the scale of today’s data.

Solution Brief

Kyvos + Excel

Analyze massive data on the cloud and on-premise data platforms directly from Microsoft Excel and get responses in sub-seconds.


Datasheet: BI Acceleration on Trillions of Rows

Transform your business with instant insights on massive data, both on the cloud and on-premise data lakes. Download our datasheet to learn more.


Fastest and Most Scalable BI Acceleration Platform

Learn how our Smart OLAP™ technology and scalable architecture delivers instant BI for thousands of users across your enterprise.

Solution Brief

Kyvos + AWS: Instant Insights on Trillions of Rows on the Cloud

Transform your AWS platform into an analytical powerhouse. Perform instant, self-service, interactive analytics on AWS, while controlling your BI costs.


Kyvos + Tableau: Supercharging Performance at Scale

Explore, slice and dice, and analyze trillions of rows on the cloud and on-premise data lakes directly from your Tableau visualizations with instant responses.


Kyvos + MicroStrategy: Instant BI at Massive Scale

Connect MicroStrategy directly to modern data platforms. Scale limitlessly and analyze as much data as you need with unmatched performance and at a fraction of the cost.

Solution Brief

SSAS Migration

Migrate your existing SSAS cubes to Kyvos and leverage our Smart OLAP™ technology to scale limitlessly to accommodate your growing data.

Solution Brief

Kyvos for Retail

Connect massive omnichannel data to improve customer experiences and strengthen your network. Learn how Kyvos helps you carve a niche for yourself in the competitive retail market.


Kyvos + StreamAnalytix: Accelerated ETL, ML, and BI on Trillions of Rows

Build a high-performing data ecosystem with our end-to-end solution for self-service ETL and high-performance BI, and transform the decision-making capabilities of your business.


Building a Single Source of Truth across the Enterprise

Leverage our end-to-end solution to migrate to the cloud or an on-premise data lake using automation and achieve self-service, interactive BI on data at a massive scale.