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Kyvos for Snowflake Analytics

Cost-Effective Analytics on All Your Data
Zero Latency | No Coding


Supercharge your analytics tools and run instant, multidimensional queries on massive data while reducing your cloud costs.


Accelerate Analytical Queries

Perform multi-dimensional analytics on trillions of rows of data in sub-seconds using our next-gen OLAP on Snowflake data warehouse.


Reduce Cloud Costs

Fire unlimited queries without exploding your cloud costs. Kyvos optimizes cloud resource consumption with full pre-aggregation and elasticity.


Remove Complexity

Solve complex business use cases without writing any code. Our quick data modelling feature simplifies schema design and eliminates data engineering efforts.

Kyvos Smart Semantic Layer

Universal Semantic Layer

Extend analytical access for thousands of users and let them interact with their data visually with our business abstraction layer.

Support for all Analytics Tools

Create live connections to your analytics tools and data science tools, and accelerate analytics for users across the enterprise.

Modernize Legacy OLAP

Migrate your traditional OLAP schemas and reports to our next-gen OLAP technology built to scale limitlessly on the cloud.

Analyze More Data


Reduce Cloud Costs by


The Difference

Scale business intelligence while reducing cloud costs.


Modern Analytics & AI Stack

Kyvos Architecture

Technical Details

Smart Pre-Aggregation on Snowflake

Our Smart Pre-Aggregation technology lets you create massively scalable and highly interactive OLAP models and achieve superfast analytics on your Snowflake data warehouse. Our machine-learning powered Smart Recommendation Engine™ brings the intelligence needed to create optimized aggregates on even complex business data.


Universal Semantic Layer

Define all your metadata, calculated measures, and complex business rules in Kyvos’ Universal Semantic Layer and create a single point of access for all organizational truth. Create interactive dashboards, without writing any complicated codes, using our intuitive drag-and-drop UI.


Live Connection to Your Analytics Tools

Kyvos superpowers the performance of all major analytics tools, including Tableau, Excel, MicroStrategy, Power BI, Cognos, Business Objects, Spotfire, and data science tools like R and Python, to deliver instant analytics at massive scale. You can establish seamless connectivity with your existing analytics tools using our built-in SQL and MDX connectors.


Smart Elasticity to Reduce Costs

Kyvos’ elastic OLAP models lets you maximize returns on your analytics investments. Pre-processing on trillions of rows of data make your queries lightweight and ensure that minimal resources are consumed per query. Also, Kyvosʼ create once, query multiple times approach ensures that any number of users can fire any number of queries without exploding your Snowflake costs.


High-Performance Analytics at Scale

Analyze as much amount of data on Snowflake as needed and get query responses within seconds. Kyvos lets you dive deep into the most granular details of your data, slice and dice across hundreds of dimensions and measures, and achieve consistently high performance irrespective of the number of users.

High Performance BI at Scale with Kyvos



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