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Solution Brief

TM1 Migration Playbook

Data volumes are increasing faster than ever before, and we are in a new era of OLAP and business analytics. This can present significant computing challenges since TM1 architecture has limits on the amount of data that can be processed. 

Also, most businesses are moving to the cloud to scale quickly and more cost-effectively. Hence, it becomes critical to shift from legacy technologies and design a future-ready architecture that adapts to your growing business needs. 

Built natively for the cloud and on-premise big data platforms, Kyvos is the best solution to migrate the TM1 environment. With our innovative AI-powered smart aggregation technology, businesses eliminate the limitations of legacy OLAP tools and achieve the speed and performance required for modern-age analytics. 

Download this playbook to learn how to use Kyvos to migrate the TM1 application and build a truly scalable platform that delivers high querying performance without exploding cloud costs.

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