Data Democratization

Enable instant, self-service data lake access for business users and teams across your enterprise and improve decision-making at all levels. Extend controlled data access to your partners, suppliers, customers, and other users outside your organization so that they can gather and analyze the metrics that are relevant to them easily and quickly.

Data Democratization

Democratize Data Lake Access

Self-Service Access

Increase adoption by enabling easy and quick reporting with minimum dependency on data analysts or the IT teams

No Learning Curve

Allow analysts and business users to use their familiar BI tools for seamless access to massive data, with no learning curve or programming required

Thousands of Users

Scale quickly to enable data lake access for as many users as you need without any impact on performance

High Concurrency

Achieve sub-second response times for thousands of concurrent queries, ensuring that your users do not have to wait for their answers even during peak times

Granular Access Control

Granular access control with column row and column level security ensures that users see only the data that is relevant to them

Enterprise Security

Safeguard your data with our enterprise-level security model that has built-in security features and supports all standard security frameworks and protocols

Enabling interactive data lake access for 10K+ employees at Bell Canada