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Data Democratization

Democratize access to data, analytics, and insights for everyone across your entire business ecosystem with high-performance business intelligence and controlled access.


Self-Serve BI

Enable instant, self-service analytics for business users and teams across your enterprise and improve decision-making at all levels.


High Concurrency

Achieve sub-second response times for 1000s of concurrent queries, ensuring that users don’t have to wait for answers even during peak times.


Controlled Access

Decide who sees what with our authentication and authorization. Secure your data further with inbuilt row and column level security.

Empower Your Users

Increase adoption by enabling easy and quick reporting with no barriers to access and minimum dependency on data analysts or the IT teams.

No Learning Curve

Allow analysts and business users to use their familiar BI tools for seamless access to massive data, with no learning curve or programming required. Kyvos enables high-performance data lake access for as many users as you need without exploding your costs.

Granular Access Control

Safeguard your data with column row and column level security that ensures that users only see the data that is relevant to them. Extend controlled data access to everyone across your enterprise as well as your partners, suppliers, customers, and other users outside your organization.

Our Story

Enabling interactive data lake access for 10K+ employees at Bell Canada

BI tools such as MicroStrategy and Tableau work well with small datasets. However, as the volume of data increases to trillions of rows, their query response time increases to minutes and hours instead of seconds. Here's how Kyvos helped revolutionize big data analytics for Bell Canada by delivering quick results and unlimited scalability.



Case Study

Democratizing BI Access at Pharmacy Chain


Drive Growth by Implementing Data Democratization with Kyvos



Deliver Self-Service Analytics at Scale with Kyvos

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