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Accelerating EDW Modernization and Enterprise BI

An end-to-end solution that helps you migrate your existing data silos to the cloud or on-premise data lakes using automation, and build an analytics platform on it that provides instant and interactive enterprise business intelligence. The solution follows an incremental approach with five main stages to ensure a holistic EDW modernization to enterprise BI solution for maximum business benefit.

Each of these stages is integrated to ensure a holistic solution that drives immediate business benefits and provides a measurable return on investments. Automated migration removes the risks of manual errors and reduces the time for migration. Once data from diverse sources is brought together, a BI acceleration layer is built on the data platform to enable instant, self-service BI for users across the enterprise. The integrated solution helps in building a single source of truth for corporate-wide use with tight security protocols and good governance.

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Laying the foundation for a Unified Logical Data Model


Automated inventory and profiling of current workloads to identify the offloadabe entities. Data-driven assessment to right-position your workloads om the cloud and on-premise data lakes.


Automatically move data to an optimized data model, translate logic into a cloud or on-premise data lake compatible code, and execute them on any standard modern data platform.


Simplify and improve how you prepare, manage, and deliver critical information to the business. Integrate disparate heterogeneous sources, enrich data quality using analytical transformations, and maintain a centralized data lake on top of a consolidated, scalable platform.



Deploy a scale-out architecture that delivers very high performance at any scale, regardless of the number of concurrent users. Provision fine-grained access control and strong authentication for safe access across the enterprise.


Build an enterprise BI acceleration layer on the cloud or on-premise data lakes that enables business users to securely leverage massive volumes of data for interactive, multi-dimensional analytics using their existing business intelligence and data science tools.


Key Features

  • On-premise/cloud deployment
    The extensible architecture enables quick and easy migration, access, and consumption of data across all leading modern data storage platforms, both on the cloud and on-premise.
  • Builds an enterprise-wide data model
    Creates a single copy of a trusted source of data, made available for access and analysis for users across the enterprise. Visual tools for data preparation and analysis enable better correlation and understanding.
  • Automates processes
    Connects disparate heterogeneous sources and automatically catalogs, curates, and cleanses data for analytical consumption. Automated incremental builds update newly ingested data and truncate expired data.
  • Ensures data governance
    Tracks the entire journey of data, enriches and enhances its quality and makes it readily discoverable. Honors the existing enterprise security models and works with modern data platforms to ensure data governance.
  • Provisions self-service enterprise BI with controls
    Enables user-friendly analytics by integrating with existing BI tools for rich visualizations. Integrates with enterprise authorization systems and provides inbuilt granular access control with column and row-level security.
  • Makes operationalization easy
    Allows measurement of operational variables empirically and quantitatively across business use cases. Enables advanced analytics on a variety of proliferating real-time data sources in a self-serve mode.
  • Allows enterprise-wide data stewardship
    Data steward groups ensure the availability of centralized data dictionaries, MDM, data enrichment, data preparation, pre-prepared data models, and business rules. Unified metadata and services repository, data profiling/ discovery-based recommendations, and curation/collaboration enabled workflows.
  • Phased implementation
    The phased approach ensures proper implementation of different technologies, improves success rates, reduces time to implement, and ensures user collaboration at every stage.

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