Build a High-Performing Data Ecosystem with Kyvos and StreamAnalytix

Accelerated ETL, ML, and BI on Trillions of Rows

Transform the decision-making capabilities of your business with accelerated insights on all your data with self-service ETL and high-performance BI. Our end-to-end solution helps you build a single, integrated pipeline to transform, ingest, and consume trillions of rows of data at a speed that was impossible before.

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Kyvos BI acceleration platform and Impetus’ StreamAnalytix enable enterprises to overcome the challenges of traditional ETL and BI tools by helping them address their use cases with real-time, self-service BI, data processing and machine learning.


Build a Unified Architecture for ETL, ML and BI

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Unified Data Streaming and Batch Processing

You can ingest and blend big data flows into your data lake; from any batch or streaming data source. Build and operationalize Apache Spark-based applications five to ten times faster using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface with an exhaustive set of pre-built operators.

Data Cleansing, Blending and Enrichment at Scale

Transform your data to as per your analytical requirements. You can perform data cleansing, data blending, and data enrichment at scale – on high velocity big data as soon as it arrives. You’ll experience significantly faster processing with Spark-based structured streaming as the underlying technology.

Machine Learning Capabilities

Build production-grade continuous applications with machine learning capabilities, to make it easy for your business users and analysts to get maximum value from their data. Train and predict on massive-scale data in your ETL flows. Our full life cycle of model management enables you to manage your models easily.

Smart OLAP Technology for Instant BI

Empower your users to consume, visualize, and explore enterprise data and get instant answers to their business questions. Our Smart OLAP™ technology enables multidimensional analytics on massive data, delivering the speed-of-thought analytics that is needed while dealing with streaming enterprise data.

Semantic Layer for Consistent Data View

Our full-featured, semantic layer provides a secure and consistent data view for users across the enterprise while delivering high performance. It is a layer of abstraction where all metadata is defined so that the model gets enriched and becomes simple enough for the business user to understand.

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