SSAS Migration

Migrate your SSAS cubes to the cloud or an on-premise data platform for high-performance BI

Build massively scalable OLAP cubes on modern data platforms and get instant query responses on trillions of data points. Our Smart OLAP™ technology eliminates performance and scale limitations of SSAS, and helps you scale quickly to accommodate your growing data.

Build a High-Performing Data Ecosystem with Kyvos and StreamAnalytix



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Faster Insights


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Learn how our Smart OLAP™ technology and modern architecture simplifies SSAS migration and helps you scale limitlessly at a fraction of the cost.

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Scalable Cubes for High Performance

Our Smart OLAP™ technology breaks the traditional OLAP barriers, enabling aggregations at a scale that was not possible before. Massively scalable cubes deliver high-performance, self-service analytics on modern data platforms. You can optimize cube designs with our machine-learning powered Smart Recommendation Engine to build smarter aggregates that help you meet your business’ complex analytical needs.

High Performance on massive data

Distributed Architecture and Parallelism

Enable thousands of concurrent users to query the cubes without impacting performance. Our distributed architecture delivers high performance for all queries. Kyvos supports parallelism both for cube building and for querying, helping you deal with the scale and complexity of today’s data.

Cost-effective Scaling

Scale quickly and cost-effectively to meet your growing business needs. Our unique architecture makes it easy to add compute or storage capacity depending upon your requirements. If you want to accommodate more data, add more users, or reduce response times further, all you need to do is to add nodes to your cluster.

Modernize Your SSAS Environment for High-Performance BI

Why should you migrate?

Read our blog to find about the inherent challenges of using SSAS cubes, why it cannot scale for the modern data ecosystem, and how Kyvos makes SSAS migration effortless.

How to migrate?

Kyvos cube structure is similar to SSAS, making one-to-one migrations easy, without disrupting your existing analytical environment. Sign up for a custom demo and learn how you can speed up your SSAS migration.

What is Smart OLAP™?

Kyvos gives a new life to OLAP by leveraging the scalability and flexibility of modern data platforms. Our Smart OLAP™ technology enables aggregations on trillions of rows of data, delivering unbelievable performance with high concurrency.