Supply Chain Management

With the availability of the cloud and on-premise data platforms, there is the potential to get deeper and richer insights that can help build superior and more efficient supply chains. However, organizations find it challenging to perform analytics on the continuously growing supply chain data. Kyvos helps you explore all your data across stores, products, vendors, and customers to get instant visibility into your supply chain. You can perform trend analysis on years of historical data or drill down into the most granular details to get store-item level information, all within seconds.

Supply Chain Management

Instant Analytics on Trillions of Rows of Supply Chain Data can Transform Your Business in Multiple ways

Reduce Costs

Analyze historical inventory data to reduce days of supply, correct excess inventory problems, and improve planning.

Strengthen Supplier Network

Monitor supplier performance on parameters such as PO lead time, fill rate, inventory dollars, cost recovery, waste, backhaul, and more, and use the insights to improve your network.

Build Customer-Focused Supply Chains

Understand customer behavior and buying patterns to customize your assortments, improve customer experience, and increase sales.

Drive Strategic Decisions

Improve decisions such as strategic sourcing, supply chain network design, and product development.

How Walgreens Transformed Supply Chain Management with Kyvos, Tableau, and Big Data