Financial Analytics

Quick analytics on trillions of financial transactions can transform financial analytics for your business. Kyvos helps you explore large amounts of complex financial data instantly so that you can identify anomalies and decimate potential frauds. It enables deep analysis of historical data, helping you understand complex market risk models and predict future investments. With Kyvos, you can sharpen your revenue projections, maintain regulatory compliances, and target high-value customers with customized promotions and recommendations.

Representation of quick analysis of financial transactions like money, property etc

Instant Analytics on Trillions of Rows of Financial Data can Transform Your Business in Multiple ways

Prevent Fraud and Crimes

Monitor transactions in real-time, improve fraud detection, and take timely action to prevent them.

Manage Financial Risk

Use instant business intelligence for identification, analysis, and acceptance or mitigation of financial risks and challenges.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Integrate historical and real-time payment data to improve customer engagement and analyze transactional history to improve efficiency.

Predictive Analysis

Use large and varied data sets to develop and improve predictive models that enhance financial performance.


High-Speed Financial Analytics with Extreme Decimal Support

Learn how Kyvos enables extreme decimal support, helping you explore vast amounts of complex financial data instantly to identify anomalies and decimate potential breakdowns.


Simplifying Period over Period Analysis on Data at Massive Scale

Read this blog to learn how Kyvos eliminates the limitations of speed and scale and helps you conduct high-speed YoY analysis on all your data at a massive scale.


How Kyvos handles Currency Conversions on Massive data

Kyvos uses its innovative OLAP technology to manage on-the-fly currency conversions on massive volumes of data stored on the cloud and on-premise data lakes.


Financial Analysis on Trillion Rows- High-Performance BI Acceleration Layer

Watch this webcast to learn how you can transform financial analytics into a fully automated process at a fraction of the cost, setting you free to focus solely on analysis and prediction.

Case Study Financial Analytics

Case Study: Global Investment Bank Transforms Financial Analytics with Next-Generation OLAP

Read our case study in which we showcase how a leading multinational investment bank and financial services company uses Kyvos to enable quick ad-hoc analysis for 700 analysts located across the globe. This case study highlights how Kyvos helps them analyze 5 years of financial data to achieve complete visibility into financial reporting including MD&A as well as ad-hoc analysis.